Case Studies

CC Peak Rig Dramatically Improves Case New Holland Operations

Case New Holland was serious about improving ergonomic, safety, and production initiatives, but they realized that they were not caster experts. They had tried other products through the years, but these products had proved to be very ineffective. Discover how Caster Connection finally solved their problems.

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On-Time Solutions: Caster Connection Saves the Day

Owners of a storefront were worried they had to delay the grand opening of a new location due to an inability to get a set of casters on time.

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Auto Manufacturer Mistakes Orange Wheel for CC Apex

Due to the success and recognizable orange color of Caster Connection's CC Apex caster wheel, numerous manufacturers have come out with their inferior version of the product by mimicking its orange color. There are a lot of orange wheels out there, but only one CC Apex.

This lesson was learned the hard way when a large auto manufacturer purchased what they thought were CC Apex wheels for some of their carts.

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CC Nylex Saves Time & Money in Dough Making Facility

A large baking facility was having problems with carts carrying heavy amounts of dough. The carts were using phenolic wheels with roller bearings.

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CC Apex Wheels Perform on Debris-Heavy Floors with Spectacular Results

The special blend of polyurethane in the CC Apex wheel causes debris to be expelled rather than get embedded in the wheel. After an initial trial on one cart, the facility manager was impressed with the performance of the wheels and ordered all the carts to be replaced with CC Apex wheels.

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CC Vintage: Safe Enough For Wood Floors

A furniture maker was tasked with finding an aesthetically pleasing, vintage looking caster for a large, special project. They were having problems finding the right wheel that would be wheel safe for delicate wood flooring.

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CC Apex: Noise Reducer Extraordinaire

A poultry producer was using a very hard 4” x 1-1/4” polyolefin wheel for their feed carts. The wheels were very noisy, and broke after only a few months of use, causing downtime and replacement costs. The polyolefin was cracking due to debris and particulates getting imbedded in the wheel.

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CC Stout: The Performance Enhancer

A material handling company was using a 6” x 3” polyurethane wheel that was continually failing and retaining large amounts of debris. This made the company’s carts very difficult to move, which resulted in lots of downtime and regular maintenance issues. Because the facility had a new floor that the company wanted to preserve, they also needed the best surface protection available.

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The Birth of the CC Apex ESD (Electrostatic Dissipative) Caster Wheel

A large auto manufacturing client of Caster Connection brought a new challenge to the table: they needed a solution for an electrostatic discharge-safe area. They were using an electrostatic dissipative strap on the bottom of all carts, but discovered that the straps only had a 3-year life span. However, there was currently no maintenance program in place for the straps, and really no possible way to track when the straps were installed. After randomly testing carts in the plant, they discovered that most were not ESD compliant. The auto manufacturer’s standard requirement was that the resistance to ground must be less than 1 giga ohm.

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A Kingpinless Solution

A company that manufactures windows was having a difficult time moving carts using 8” x 2” phenolic rigid and swivel casters. The phenolic wheels were picking up lots of glass pieces from the manufacturing floor, causing them to become very hard to push. The glass shards also led to broken wheels that had to be replaced regularly. Even with smaller weight loads, it still took two people to get the cart moving, which is unacceptable in almost any manufacturing application.

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