Case Studies

Automotive OEM VLE Casters Case Study

For more than 30 years, we’ve seen a lot of different facilities and unique challenges. At times, there are multiple casters that will solve the problem, but in some cases, there is really only one caster that will give our clients exactly what they need to be successful. For this reason, we carry a huge variety of casters that we’ve fine-tuned over the decades. Because of this and the individual care we provide to our clients, we were able to solve a major problem for a large automotive manufacturer in Texas.

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How the CC Stark Has Performed for Case New Holland

Have you ever bought a product that claimed to be durable and high-performing, but then you found out how fragile and poor-quality it was? We’ve seen it dozens of times within the caster industry. The casters look nice, you put them on your carts, but you find that they fail after less than a year. For most of our clients, they have to have two qualities: durability and versatility. Most of our casters have these qualities, but each caster normally has a specific strength. Case New Holland Grand Island needed a caster that was durable, versatile, and able to handle speed with heavy weight. They went with the CC Stark, and here’s what it gave them.

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The Value of CC Apex Casters

Using commodity casters is like running a marathon in Penny Loafers. See how this Tier 1 automotive supplier switched to high-performance casters and paid 50% less, reduced injury, eliminated maintenance, reduced noise, and freed up time for everyone involved with casters.

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Ideal-Stop Caster Brake

Industrial facilities move thousands of pounds of weight each hour. This is really a serious matter. No one wants thousands of pounds rolling down a trailer and hitting into anyone or anything. Even a small amount of drift can cause serious damage or injury. Ideal-Stop caster brakes are arguably the most versatile brake in existence, and CNH was able to empower themselves with these incredible brakes. All we did was give them the education and tools they needed to concentrate on their daily operations and focus on any other issues they might be experiencing.

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The CC Nylex is Often the Best Push/Pull Solution of All Our Products

Before CNH began working with Caster Connection to improve working conditions and productivity, they were encountering some major problems with their laser cutting workflow. The major problem lay with the casters that were on the carts they had been using. These were changed to the CC Nylex with extreme results.

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CC Peak Rig Dramatically Improves Case New Holland Operations

Case New Holland was serious about improving ergonomic, safety, and production initiatives, but they realized that they were not caster experts. They had tried other products through the years, but these products had proved to be very ineffective. Discover how Caster Connection finally solved their problems.

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On-Time Solutions: Caster Connection Saves the Day

Owners of a storefront were worried they had to delay the grand opening of a new location due to an inability to get a set of casters on time.

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Auto Manufacturer Mistakes Orange Wheel for CC Apex

Due to the success and recognizable orange color of Caster Connection's CC Apex caster wheel, numerous manufacturers have come out with their inferior version of the product by mimicking its orange color. There are a lot of orange wheels out there, but only one CC Apex.

This lesson was learned the hard way when a large auto manufacturer purchased what they thought were CC Apex wheels for some of their carts.

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CC Nylex Saves Time & Money in Dough Making Facility

A large baking facility was having problems with carts carrying heavy amounts of dough. The carts were using phenolic wheels with roller bearings.

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CC Apex Wheels Perform on Debris-Heavy Floors with Spectacular Results

The special blend of polyurethane in the CC Apex wheel causes debris to be expelled rather than get embedded in the wheel. After an initial trial on one cart, the facility manager was impressed with the performance of the wheels and ordered all the carts to be replaced with CC Apex wheels.

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