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Caster Connection Reduces Noise by 20% for Ford Engine Plant

Before working with Caster Connection, a Ford Engine plant was experiencing excessive noise while using a urethane-tread wheel recommended to them by another caster company.

The Ford plant’s Safety Manager collaborated with a Ford employee responsible for trash and recycling gondolas and contacted Caster Connection to do a site visit to Ford and assess what was causing the excessive noise issue.

Caster Connection’s Caster Expert determined that the wheel Ford was currently using (an 8" x "3 urethane treaded wheel) was causing excessive noise. The Caster Expert recommended that Ford try out Caster Connection’s CC Apex HD 8" x 3" kingpinless extended-lead caster.

This caster features a wheel with softer tread, which resulted in a 20% reduction in noise. Ford was very happy with the results of this new caster and began implementing them throughout other carts for this application.


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