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Ideal-Stop Caster Brake Prevents Injuries and Damage

Manufacturers often face the problem of choosing brakes that are effective and ergonomic for the carts in their facilities. A major manufacturer had trouble finding effective brakes that workers could use easily and safely. The company tried many different types of brakes, including side lock and contact brakes, but they all required the worker to reach under the cart and reposition the caster in order to lock or unlock it.

Another problem they found was that the brakes would stick out and could cause injury to a worker’s leg. They needed a new brake system that could be integrated into their current carts and casters, while solving all of the aforementioned problems. The company worked with Caster Connection to find a better solution for their carts.

Casters with Side Lock Brakes (like shown above) put workers at risk for injury

A Caster Connection representative visited the client’s worksite and watched the carts in action. He determined that that the manufacturer could benefit from a caster featuring the Blickle Ideal-Stop brake, a brake that does not swivel with the caster, so workers do not need to bend over and move the caster in order to activate the brake.

CC Apex w Ideal-Stop Brake
CC Apex wheel with Ideal-Stop Brake

This new brake also helped to prevent leg injuries, as there are no pieces that stick out and create a trip hazard. Because the new unit is also higher off the ground, the risk of forklift injury was also reduced. The manufacturer was so pleased that every new cart they order is ordered with the Ideal-Stop, and they have begun to retro-fit their old carts with the new brake as well.

Ideal-Stop Caster on Cart
Ideal-Stop Brake Pedals Never Move Out of Position

By implementing the new braking system, the manufacturer solved their original problems by improving the safety of the workers and making cart use more ergonomic. They also solved another problem by reducing forklift damage throughout the plant. The client is thrilled with their purchase and continues to order the Ideal-Stop throughout their plant.


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