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CC Apex Maintenance-Free Casters Reduce Push/Pull by 40% for Industrial Farm Equipment Manufacturer

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When an industry-leading farm equipment manufacturer faced significant ergonomic issues that were jeopardizing the safety of their workers and hampering productivity, they knew they needed a reliable solution. In their quest for assistance, they turned to the experts at Caster Connection, a renowned provider of innovative caster solutions for various industries.

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These carts were fitted with generic kingpin casters that were failing on the job because they couldn’t handle the loadbearing and maneuverability requirements. Their subpar ergonomic performance was becoming a safety concern, especially when turning carts and during the initial push or pull. These concerns were only amplified by the need for frequent maintenance to prevent caster failure and diminishing performance.

This situation was unique because these carts didn’t have the clearance to utilize an extended swivel lead caster, which is usually the most effective and efficient way of reducing ergonomic push/pull. Because increasing the wheel size or extending the length of the swivel lead was not an option in this scenario, it was clear that they would need to consult with a caster expert, so the client contacted Caster Connection.

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After an in-depth consultation, a caster solution specialist from Caster Connection recommended using our 6” CC Apex EMF Maintenance Free Standard Lead casters.

These heavy-duty casters offered a resilient polyurethane tread that was durable enough to withstand the demands of the factory’s environment while still offering ergonomic benefits, aligning with all safety regulations, and complying with sizing restrictions and limitations.

After implementation, this facility experienced a 40 percent improvement in its push/pull scores, leading to improved morale, increased operational efficiency, and dramatically reduced the chance of potential injuries.

In conclusion, the collaboration between Caster Connection and this industry-leading farm equipment manufacturer exemplifies the transformative power of innovative caster solutions. By addressing the ergonomic push/pull issues head-on and providing superior maintenance-free CC Apex casters, we helped enhance worker safety, reduce the risk of injuries, and bolstered productivity and operational efficiency within the manufacturing facility. This partnership’s enduring success and longevity are a testament to the unparalleled quality and performance of Caster Connection’s caster solutions in demanding industrial environments.


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