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Value in Caster Consolidation and Ergonomic Improvement

Casters and wheels are easy to overlook unless there is a glaring problem with them. However, sometimes there are some not so obvious problems with casters and wheels that can cost companies time and money in the long and short term. Some companies may not recognize the value in having uniform specifications for casters and wheels in their applications. Some companies and their employees may not recognize the value in using casters and wheels that are ergonomically designed for particular applications and environments – until the caster fails or an employee is injured from improper use.

One of the world’s leading manufacturers of locomotives fit the description above before their first meeting with a Caster Connection Regional Solutions Manager (RSM).

Over the years, the locomotive manufacturer purchased many different brands of casters with no real concerns about performance or ergonomics. Due to reactive purchases, over 100 different brands of casters and wheels were implemented in the client’s manufacturing applications.

Locomotive Manufacturer Cart - Before

After examining the client’s environment and applications, the RSM saw that the client would greatly benefit by using one style of caster, for several reasons:

  • The casters being used were not ergonomically viable in their applications
  • Using several styles of casters in a manufacturing environment
  • Causes each cart to roll differently, increasing the risk of injury
  • Creates the potential for confusion (and thus wasted time) in maintenance and purchasing

Caster Connection’s RSM suggested that the client use a caster with Caster Connection’s CC8 wheel from the CC Apex line of casters to provide a solution to the problems listed above. The CC Apex line of casters and wheels are well known in the manufacturing industry to provide solutions for applications that require.

  • Excellent ergonomic performance
  • Dispelling of debris
  • Noise reduction
  • Floor protection
  • Low maintenance downtime
Locomotive Manufacturer Cart - CC Apex

Over 90% of the client’s caster size needs in this particular manufacturing facility can be fulfilled by the CC Apex line’s 8” wheel, while the other 10% will be covered by 4”, 5” or 6” wheels from the CC Apex line.

After a trial period with CC Apex wheels, the client began to see advantages from their caster upgrade, including an improvement in ergonomics by reducing necessary push/pull force to move their carts. The CC Apex wheel is now being phased into all carts used in the facility as the old casters become unusable.

Because of the RSM’s perfect recommendation, Caster Connection has become the client’s only source for all of their caster needs.


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