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We Design & Manufacture Solutions to Improve Performance

We developed our flagship CC Apex line of casters and wheels in the mid-2000s and they are now one of the most admired products in the industry. Learn more here.

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We've Put Casters in Outer Space. (And on Grandma's Coffee Table Too.)

We're helping automotive manufacturers, retail store professionals, DIY'ers, interior designers and architects solve their pressing caster challenges. Check out client success stories here.

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We Don't Just Make and Sell Casters. We Help You Find the Right Solution.

Consult with our Caster Specialists in your facility so that you can solve your unique caster challenges onsite with a customized caster plan via our CC CHAT (Caster Health Assessment Tour) process.

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Beyond Products: Caster Solutions

More than just a transaction, CasterConnection is your partner in problem-solving. With our ever-expanding resources, together, we'll transform challenges into triumphs.

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Case Studies

We provide the best solutions for every application. We also show evidence of recommendations to build trust with our clients. View examples of successful solutions.

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Caster Education

Learn about casters from our Caster Education section. It covers how to choose and use casters for different needs. If you need more help, ask our experts.

Caster Education

Caster Information Hubs by Industry

Introducing CC Nexus: Next-Gen Heavy-Duty Casters by Caster Connection

Customize for your facility's needs, handle heavy loads, and improve ergonomics, especially in tight spaces. Ideal for manual and towline applications with reduced resistance for easier turning.


  • Automotive
  • AGV/Automation
  • Aviation and Aerospace
  • Healthcare
  • More…


  • Reduced 
Ergonomic Risk
  • Maneuverability
  • Ergonomic Issues and Floor Protection
  • Noise Reduction
  • More…
CC Nexus
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Tens of Millions of Casters Delivered. Here's What Our Clients Are Saying.

Ergonomically...the new [CC Nylex] wheels are so much better than the old [wheels we used]. They're dynamite. They don't chip. They're easier to push. I have no problems at all with them. It completely changed our job getting the new wheels.

— Jeremy,

Laser Operator - Case New Holland - Grand Island, NE

Nobody has fought over the cart with the orange [CC apex] wheels yet, but they have come close. Words were exchanged.

— Kirt V.,

Production Leader, Metal Fabrication

We have had tremendous success with the CC Apex wheel, they have been in the field for over a year now with no problems at all. We have recommended it to several manufacturing companies that we have partnerships with.

— Richard C.,

Assembly Conveyance Specialist

After nearly one year in service, the caster connection wheels remain slag free and have become our new standard for our AGV's

— Paul S.,

Automotive Engineer

Selecting Casters in the Automotive Industry

Casters have great importance in automotive manufacturing. The proper casters and wheels in your application can mean the difference between uptime and downtime, employee productivity and employee injury, or even maintenance prevention vs. costly maintenance.

Learn More About Implementing the Right Casters for the Automotive Industry →
Selecting Casters in the Automotive Industry

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