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Caster Connection Solves Split-Tread Caster Problem for General Motors

Before working with Caster Connection on this issue, a GM automotive Assembly Plant in Kentucky was experiencing ergonomic problems while using a popular caster featuring 10” x 3” split-tread wheels from another caster company. The casters were used on a 2,700 lb. body frame cart that had to be both pushed and tugged, and the cart wasn’t not meeting GM’s ergonomic standards with the casters being used.

An employee from GM reached out to Caster Connection for a solution. 2 Caster Experts from Caster Connection conducted a site visit to GM, listened to the GM employee and conducted an audit of the situation. The CC Caster Experts recommended implementing a caster featuring a CC Apex wheel and a CC Axis rig as a solution to the ergonomics issue.

CC Axis Ford Plant

SKU: CC-7110-800200-40-T2

8" Orange CC Axis Dual-Swivel Maintenance-Free CC Apex Caster

Overall Height
Wt. Capacity
1,200 lbs.
Wheel Width
Wheel Diameter


With these new Caster Connection casters, the 2,700 lb. body frame cart met GM’s push/pull standards during testing, and the casters were implemented across the application. 4 years later, this GM plan has had no issue with these casters, and they’ve in fact implemented even more in this facility.

A few months after this project, Caster Connection provided another solution for a 3,500 lb. cart application at the same GM plant, using different casters.

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