Medium Duty Caster Wheels (500 - 2,000 LBs. Capacity)

Medium duty caster wheels can handle weight loads between 500-2,000 lbs. This selection provides options if you’re looking to move materials in automotive, manufacturing, construction, fabrication, or another industry.

Shop our selection of caster wheels below, narrowing your selections down by using our attribute filters. Hint: Use our “Weight Capacity Range” filter to easily narrow down the weight range you need to support per caster wheel. Check out our Selecting Casters in the Automotive Industry guide to help you get started in your search too - it's great for auto and non-auto industry searchers alike.

Top medium duty brands from Caster Connection include CC Apex, CC Stark, CC Stout, CC Stout HD and CC Nylex.

Want guidance? Contact us, and we’d be glad to help you through the decision process.

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