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Customized and Streamlined Caster Solutions for an Automation and Robotics Company

Casters for automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and automated guided carts (AVCs), critically affect overall performance. Noise, ergonomics, weight capacity, customization, and many others issues are some of the main challenges of AGVs and AGCs. Addressing these issues and others is how we helped one automation and robotics company to avoid pitfalls and customize their rigs.

As with virtually all of our clients, this client had very specific demands on casters. Some of these requirements were non-negotiable. For example, they had precise overall height dimensions, and a fairly high weight capacity at 2,500 lbs. At the same time, they needed noise reduction. Finally, they had to have a toe guard on the caster.

To meet our client’s needs, we recommended a solution that would fit their needs precisely. Working with their engineers, we used a specially designed 10” caster with a flat tread, which is our CC Stout caster. However, this caster had a thicker polyurethane tread that would dampen noise. The polyurethane tread was excellent for push/pull, which would increase battery life and strain on the AGV and AGC setup. We included a toe guard as well.

As we arrived at this solution, we worked hand-in-hand with their engineers. This allowed us to customize the casters to their challenge and allowed us to create a custom toe guard. This saved them a substantial amount of time because in the past, they had to remover the casters and fit them with toe guards. This was one way they saved substantial time, money, and energy.

Their personal caster professional, Greg Patterson, worked both onsite and over the phone to make sure everything went smoothly. He provided a number of samples for trial to make sure that they had the best solution of a few options.

CC Stout Casters for AGVs and AGCs

After we were able to develop the perfect casters solution for our client, they were able to outfit a substantial amount of their AGVs. This saved gave them all of these advantages at scale. We have now moved on to other challenges within their facility and work carefully alongside their engineers to improve the entire operation.

We have someone standing by to schedule your complete caster assessment either at your facility or over a Zoom call. Submit form below if you'd like a free consultation.