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CC Apex: Saving Time at a Clock and Furniture Manufacturer

A major manufacturer of clocks and furniture was in the midst of introducing a new product into their lineup. With the added stress of this new product on their carts, the 5” x 2” polyurethane on steel wheels they had used for years were now chipping and breaking apart.

The wheel failure caused multiple problems for the company. Workers had to spend an undesirable amount of time on replacing the wheels, workers struggled to maneuver their carts, money was spent on new wheels, and the high-quality products being moved were in danger of being scratched and damaged.

After a recommendation from another supplier of theirs, the clock manufacturer contacted Caster Connection for a solution to their problem. Caster Connection listened to the client explain their problem and sent out a Regional Solutions Manager (RSM) to inspect the situation. Caster Connection’s RSM recommended a much more resilient polyurethane-treaded wheel, the CC Apex, and sent the company a sample the day after his inspection. The CC Apex had previously been proven effective in similar applications.

Clock Manufacturer Cart w CC Apex
The CC Apex provided the client with greater durability and ergonomic improvement

The CC Apex line of wheels from Caster Connection were a great fit for the client because of the wheels’ resilient qualities, providing durability while supplying improved ergonomic push/pull performance. The CC Apex features higher-quality polyurethane than the client was previously using and the CC Apex’s aluminum core offered more ergonomic mobility than the previously used steel core.

After 4 months of use, the maintenance department remarked that there was “not one bit of wear and the caster still looks and rolls like new.” The company was so confident in the CC Apex that they replaced all of their carts’ wheels with the CC Apex. The CC Apex helped them save money in the long term, eliminate maintenance downtime improve ergonomics and protect the valuable equipment their carts were moving. Working with Caster Connection gave them a long-lasting product and a solution unique to their problem.


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