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The Birth of the CC Apex ESD (Electrostatic Dissipative) Caster Wheel

622 x 222 CC Apex ESD Wheel

A large auto manufacturing client of Caster Connection brought a new challenge to the table: they needed a solution for an electrostatic discharge-safe area. They were using an electrostatic dissipative strap on the bottom of all carts, but discovered that the straps only had a 3-year life span. However, there was currently no maintenance program in place for the straps, and really no possible way to track when the straps were installed. After randomly testing carts in the plant, they discovered that most were not ESD compliant. The auto manufacturer’s standard requirement was that the resistance to ground must be less than 1 giga ohm.

A representative from the auto manufacturer contacted their Caster Connection Regional Solutions Manager (RSM) and requested that Caster Connection develop a wheel that would give them the same performance characteristics as the already-existing standard CC Apex wheel - but with electrostatic dissipative qualities. After thoroughly researching and developing a proper solution, Caster Connection developed the CC Apex ESD line of caster wheels to meet the auto manufacturer’s requirements for their discharge-safe environment, ergonomic thresholds, decibel thresholds, and more.

To make the CC Apex ESD wheel stand out as an ESD solution, it was developed with a navy blue color, and includes a manufactured-on date stamp on its core for tracking purposes. To ensure that the CC Apex ESD would serve as a long-term solution for discharge-safe areas, electrostatic dissipative properties are mixed throughout the wheel’s polyurethane tread – meaning that ESD properties will exist in the middle of the tread if it were to somehow wear down that far.


Casters featuring the CC Apex ESD wheel have been in use now for 8 months, offering the auto manufacturer superb performance for their areas in which carts are transported on electrostatic dissipative casters. The auto manufacturer is incredibly satisfied, as all of their needs for electrostatic-dissipation, ergonomics, noise reduction, and floor protection have been met. Since having the CC Apex ESD wheels installed, the facility has had no problems, and has outfitted more carts with the wheel.

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