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Gate Casters

Shop our selection of spring-loaded gate casters and wheels for swing gates, bi-fold gates, double gates, yard gates, metal fence gates, sliding doors, and more. Our gate casters provide excellent support for gates, allowing them to swing freely, rather than hanging or dragging on the ground.

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6" Black Rubber Spring-Loaded Gate Caster

SKU: 27RS60JB0483YY-G334ZZ

  • Weight Capacity
    550 lbs.
  • Wheel Width

3" Black Rubber Spring-Loaded Gate Caster


  • Weight Capacity
    100 lbs.
  • Wheel Width

4" Black Rubber Spring-Loaded Gate Caster


  • Weight Capacity
    225 lbs.
  • Wheel Width

What Are Gate Casters?

Gate casters are casters that are equipped with a spring mechanism, allowing the wheel to contract and expand as it rolls over a surface. Because gates are often located in uneven terrain, like grass or concrete, spring-loaded casters help keep the gate level as it opens and closes. Gate casters are typically made from softer wheel tread materials, like rubber or polyurethane, which help absorb shock and avoid straining the gate and its hinges. Our gate casters are available in light and medium duty load capacities, making them suitable for light to moderately heavy gate doors.

Types of Spring-Loaded Gate Casters

Most gate casters are similar in nature, due to performing a very specific function, however, there are a few different features that they can have. Some types of gate casters available are black rubber spring-loaded gate casters, pneumatic spring-loaded gate casters, polyurethane spring-loaded gate casters, locking spring-loaded gate caster with brakes, light duty spring-loaded gate casters, medium duty spring-loaded gate casters, and heavy duty spring-loaded gate casters.

What Are Some Applications for Gate Casters?

Our gate casters are suited for light to medium duty industrial, residential, commercial, indoor, and outdoor gate applications.

  • Gate casters are a great addition to swing gates, making them much easier to open and close. They also help increase the lifespan of the gate door by helping it stay on its hinges.
  • Gate casters can be used with bi-fold gates to improve functionality and user experience.
  • Install gate casters on metal fence gates to prevent the gate door from catching on the grass or concrete.
  • Gate casters are a must for gates that are prone to the elements, like wood gates or chain-link gates. These materials tend to lose their stability when exposed to harsh weather, so gate casters provide them with much needed support.

Benefits of Gate Casters

Our spring-loaded gate casters are designed to deliver exceptional performance, durability, visual appeal, and versatility. Here are some reasons to go with our gate casters, instead of commodity casters.

  • Durable Construction: Built to withstand moderate loads and longtime use, our spring-loaded gate casters feature high-quality materials such as solid rubber. They also come with reinforced mounting plates to guarantee sturdy construction. Our gate casters offer long-lasting performance, even when frequently used.
  • Superb Ergonomic Performance: Our gate cart casters offer unparalleled ergonomic performance. Many of our gate casters boast low rolling resistance, which reduces physical strain on workers and risk of injury, by easing up on push/pull forces.
  • Wide Range of Applications: Perfect for a wide range of applications, our gate casters are suitable for a variety of indoor, outdoor, industrial, commercial, and residential gates. Whether in warehouses, yards, parking lots, dumpster areas, driveways, manufacturing facilities, or distribution centers, our gate casters always perform exceptionally.
  • Smooth and Silent Operation: Minimize friction and reduce noise with our casters with precision ball bearings. The shock-absorbing design ensures a quiet and efficient work environment, allowing you to limit distractions.
  • Low Debris Retention: Many of our casters are non-marking, which means they do not leave scuffs on floors. This reduces the need for frequent maintenance and repairs, which saves you money in the long run. Additionally, our casters are designed to repel debris, like metal shavings and wood chips. This is important for the longevity of a caster’s ergonomic performance. As debris builds up, eventually a caster’s rolling resistance will increase, making the cart or object harder to push.
  • Easy Installation: Designed for easy installation, our gate casters come with standard mounting options that fit most equipment. Upgrade your existing setup with easily replaceable plate mount gate casters. Check out our brand of maintenance free rigs, CC Peak.

At Caster Connection, we are committed to providing top-quality mobility solutions that enhance the efficiency and safety of your operations. Designed and manufactured to the highest standards, our gate casters ensure reliable performance and exceptional value.

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Casters Play A Role In:

  • Push/pull force for manual maneuvering of carts
  • Performance in towline applications
  • Forklift-free initiatives
  • Maintenance and repair frequency
  • Decibel output
  • Floor protection