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Top Social Media Data Center Gets Customized ESD Caster Treatment

2020 TWM Data Center Caster Cart 01

Over the years, it’s become very apparent that each one of our clients has unique needs and preferences. We’ve designed our casters to cover most of the issues that our clients encounter, but there are times when we need to make modifications to get things just right. This was the case when we helped one of the largest data centers in the world to outfit their servers with the perfect casters.

The Caster Challenge For the Data Center:

The client (one of the largest social media platforms in the world) actually made an order online for some or our CC Apex ESD (electrostatic dissipating) caster wheels so we didn’t actually diagnose anything initially. Because ESD wheels are normally found within sensitive areas that need to have the proper precautions when it comes to electricity, we followed up to make sure they had everything they needed to have the sufficient protection within their facility.

After our RSM contacted the client, he explained that he was gathering multiple wheels from different companies for testing. Our client had CC Apex ESD caster wheels for the testing. That meant that our client had wheels that protected against electrostatic, were highly ergonomic, rolled over impediments and debris with ease, could be stored with weight for long periods of time without flat-spotting (developing a flat area on the caster), and noise reduction.

CC Apex ESD 942x1024

The Electrostatic Dissipating Caster Solution:

After the initial testing, the CC Apex ESD was at the top of our clients testing. However, the client still needed some adjustments for their perfect casters. They needed total-lock brakes installed so that the caster would not swivel or move when at rest. They were sent the proper brake so that they could test this option out.

After testing, there was still one problem area. At times, our clients did not use brakes for various space and operations limitations. The problem they were now encountering was that the CC Apex ESD rolled too easily! This is normally not an issue since we want our wheels to be as ergonomic as possible to protect the health of our clients. However, that was not the case here.

To combat the incredible push/pull capabilities of our CC Apex ESD, we used a speed reducing washer to decrease the ergonomic qualities of the caster. After the adjustment, the casters were exactly what our clients needed. We then were able to supply them with casters for their servers.

This is just one example of tens of thousands of clients that we’ve had over three decades. Whatever your unique need and facility, we have the perfect caster, or we will make any modifications we need to in order to give you exactly what you need. Every one of our clients always gets their own personal caster plan. We try to get into the facility of as many of our clients as possible, to make sure that the casters they get will work in the unique layout and conditions of their facility. We’re here to help you in any way we can. Click the here to talk with a caster expert today.


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