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How the CC Stark Has Performed for Top Agricultural Equipment Manufacturer

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Have you ever bought a product that claimed to be durable and high-performing, but then you found out how fragile and poor-quality it was? We’ve seen it dozens of times within the caster industry. The casters look nice, you put them on your carts, but you find that they fail after less than a year. For most of our clients, they have to have two qualities: durability and versatility. Most of our casters have these qualities, but each caster normally has a specific strength. One manufacturer of industrial farm equipment in the Midwest needed a caster that was durable, versatile, and able to handle speed with heavy weight. They went with the CC Stark, and here’s what it gave them.

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The CC Stark is specifically designed to be the best caster on earth for towlines. This industry-leading manufacturer or agricultural equipment uses lots of towlines in their facilities, and anyone who has every visited their facility will see dozens of towline operators racing around throughout the day.

This facility had a specific towline application where they transported heavier cargo inside and outside. When tugging outside, the ground was often curved and bumpy. Because of this, the carts were often on three wheels only. This manufacturer had to be certain that their casters would stand up to these conditions and the speed of the towline with heavy weight. That made the CC Stark perfect for them.


Even though the CC Stark is designed for speed with heavy weight, it has incredible ergonomic capabilities and benefits our clients in many ways. Occasionally, employees at this top agricultural manufacturing facility need to move three-thousand-pound loads by hand after cargo has been delivered. The CC Stark has premium polyurethane that has high rebound resilience, so the casters spring off of the ground. The CC Stark also has a higher durometer (hardness) than other casters. The higher durometer, normally the easier it is to push the cart. So, combining the resilience and durometer gave this leading agricultural manufacturer a fantastic ergonomic caster on its own. Employees talk about how they could feel less strain in their back, shoulders, and arms.


When we first designed the CC Stark, we wanted to create the perfect casters for speed with heavy weight, and because of the polyurethane and extended lead on the fork, we were able to achieve that. However, these features also made the caster fantastic for push/pull as well. This manufacturer of agricultural equipment has been able to use this caster for their towlines and then simply push and pull the carts by hand without having to transfer the cargo to better ergonomic carts. The CC Stark has worked extremely well in both applications and has saved them time and boosted productivity.


One particular facility for this industry-leading manufacturer has some particularly demanding environments. They work both inside and outside, and the Nebraska winters are not known to be too forgiving. You have salt and snow present, which can destroy inferior products easily. Both the CC Stark’s rig and caster wheel have withstood these adverse conditions extremely well for around two years—this is how long they’ve had the casters.


This facility could have gone with different casters and simply replaced them every few months. However, they decided to make the investment and take advantage of the CC Stark’s 4-year warranty. Because of this, they have not had to worry about changing these casters for the 2 years that they’ve had them. They have more time to devote to other areas of their operations, and they’ve been able to increase the bottom line because they are more productive and don’t have to worry about downtime with their casters. This saves them tens of thousands of dollars, and the longer they have their casters, the more money they bring the company.

Because of this, management notices, and our contacts had to recommend these casters to their regional supervisors, so they had something riding on these casters and needed them to succeed in order to get more purchases approved in the future. We’re glad that we could help them accomplish this.


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