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Responsive and Expert Solutions for a Multinational Manufacturer

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A multinational conglomerate involved in a variety of industries had several caster-related problems at one of their manufacturing facilities.

These problems ranged from caster durability, to ergonomic push/pull issues, to internal knowledge experience, as well as customer service issues with their current supplier. Because of these issues, the manufacturer was open to working with a new caster solutions provider.

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After Caster Connection got connected with the manufacturing client as a potential provider of caster solutions, a Caster Connection Solutions Expert got to work by listening to the client regarding the pain points and needs. The solutions process involved having multiple application reviews to understand client's needed specs, as well as their environment.

Caster Connection’s Solutions Expert explained the ways that we have solved the same issues at other facilities and provided CAD drawings and samples of recommended product – our CC Stark casters - for the client to trial in their facility.

Simply put, the CC Stark is the best caster in the world for towline applications with high speeds and heavy weights. It works quite well with heavy push/pull applications and is an extremely durable wheel. It comes standard, with a 4-year warranty. CC Stark has a capacity of 2,000 lbs.

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Our expert recommendations and responsiveness led to a successful trial run of the CC Stark samples providing excellent durability and ergonomic performance within the manufacturer's facility, which has led to Caster Connection solving issues at other facilities throughout the organization.

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