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Caster Connection Implements Casters for Ford’s Harshest Uses

Before meeting with Caster Connection, a Ford Truck plant was having issues with 8” x 3” and 10” x 3” casters from a couple of other caster companies. These insufficient casters were burning through their polyurethane tread, experiencing bearing failure, and even broken rigs while being towed.

A Ford employee and their supervisor contacted Caster Connection for a solution to the issues they were experiencing. Caster Connection’s Caster Expert made a site visit to Ford and proposed changing to a customized caster solution: a different wheel, beefed up caster rigs, implementing 2 bearings on each side of the wheel, and overall standardization of casters that Ford was using.

After some testing of this new caster in the field, Ford was happy with the results and started implementing more of these into these carts in this application.

Over time Caster Connection has maintained support to the Ford Truck plant by keeping organized records of what casters the company uses for easy re-ordering. The Ford Truck plant sends projects out to bid, and over time a different caster company won the bid for another caster for the same application. Another employee of Ford Truck plant realized that Ford wasn’t receiving the same quality of product from this new supplier and put Caster Connection’s old part number out for bid. Caster Connection promptly contacted the Ford employee let him know that we had implemented that part number previously, and they began buying them once again, with successful results.

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