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Caster Connection Helps Ford with Ergonomic and Durable Casters

Before working with Caster Connection, a Ford Assembly plant was originally using casters with a 250mm diameter that were recommended by another caster company. This Ford location was experiencing issues with ergonomics, durability and more.

A Caster Connection Caster Expert found out about this issue Ford was experiencing during follow up with a Ford employee for another project. Ford sought a solution from Caster Connection and described their application and needs: the carts in use had a total load of 2,500 lbs. and were both towed and manually pushed. Noise needed to be kept to a minimum, and push/pull force needed to be below 45 lbs.

Caster Connection’s Caster Expert suggested and implemented a caster combining a CC Apex wheel and CC Axis rig for any cart with a load above 2,000 lbs., which resulted in a push/pull force of 41 lbs. push/pull force, and reduced noise. The versatility of the caster recommended meant that it could meet the needs of being towed and being manually maneuvered when going lineside for using materials to assist production. Ford was very happy with the results of these casters and implemented them on other carts for this application.

SKU: CC-7110-800200-40-T2

8" Orange CC Axis Dual-Swivel Maintenance-Free CC Apex Caster

Overall Height
Wt. Capacity
1,200 lbs.
Wheel Width
Wheel Diameter


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