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Tire Manufacturing: The Perfect Casters

Most of our clients work with us because they have a specific issue they need to solve. However, as we begin working with them, we often discover that they have many different issues that a caster needs to solve. Because we've been working with tens of thousands of clients for over 30 years, we've designed casters that will solve multiple issues found in many different industries, including tire manufacturing. This was the case with one of our tire manufacturing clients.


This particular plant was having an issue with their KM Pan carts. When they approached us, the client's main goal was to make their carts easier to push with a weight total of 3,000 lbs. The wheel-caster configuration was a diamond-tilt pattern, meaning the fixed wheels in the center of the cart were larger than the swivels on each end, allowing the cart to pivot easily in a tight space. Because the wheels were built in, there was no room to change the dimensions.

Push Pull Gauge Ergonomics


As we conducted a thorough assessment of their cart system, we discovered that there were many different issues with their carts. These carts were hard to push, created a tremendous amount of noise, and generated a lot of vibration on the components in the carts. The wheels also wore quickly, caused floor damage, and collected green rubber, which made all caster issues worse.

As with most companies, the on-site consultation in particular, performed by the Caster Connection Regional Solutions Manager, allowed us to identify all of the caster issues involved with our client's facility. The expert staff was able to review the application in person, gather all of the proper information with the associates on the floor, and meet with upper management to provide a well-informed solution.


Because of the weight requirements and because the cart would also be tugged at 5-7 mph, the wheel had to have a 12" diameter, be 3" wide, and possess a 1" axle bore. The Caster Connection RSM handling the issue chose the multipurpose solution, Caster Connection 12" x 3" CC APEX HD casters.

CC APEX HD Caster Wheel


After the assessment and solution, we provided samples to prove the concept. When our client was able to test and approve the results that came from the recommended caster, the CC APEX HD, the manufacturer upgraded 237 carts.

The 1.25" thick polyurethane tread wheel was perfect for handling the weight and the speed of the tugging application, while drastically reducing the push force 33%. The CC APEX HD, due to the rebound resilience of its polyurethane, was able to repel the green rubber that was sticking to their current polyurethane wheel. The noise was also reduced over 20%.

Upon solving this particular problem, the manufacturer has asked Caster Connection to customize and improve another set of carts. This solution will improve ergonomics, durability, and noise for over 500 carts. This will ultimately save the manufacturer tens of thousands of dollars over the next 3-5 years, in addition to a whole lot of time and energy.

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