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Automotive OEM VLE Casters Case Study

For more than 30 years, we’ve seen a lot of different facilities and unique challenges. At times, there are multiple casters that will solve the problem, but in some cases, there is really only one caster that will give our clients exactly what they need to be successful. For this reason, we carry a huge variety of casters that we’ve fine-tuned over the decades. Because of this and the individual care we provide to our clients, we were able to solve a major problem for a large automotive manufacturer in Texas.

The Challenge For an OEM Automotive Manufacturer

This OEM automotive manufacturer had casters that were failing in their rather rigorous operations line. There were several key issues: high speeds, heavy weight, and long distances. The problem consisted of high-frequency routes that ran outdoors for 1-mile to the on-site supplier and then 1-mile back to the assembly plant. Then the dolly train runs inside to get to the assembly line. This OEM had major issues with the caster wheels not lasting long, which caused carts to be down, causing the assembly line to be down, which caused major production issues and significant loss of revenue.

VLE 295x350

The Caster Solution: Blickle VLE

Upon an on-site visit, we reviewed the route, the conditions, the speed, the turns, and the cart set-up. The company’s personal Caster Connection RSM worked with the OEM to provide a solution for all of the issues the OEM was experiencing. In order to solve the speed, the weight, and the outdoor environmental issues within the current dimensions of the quad-steer cart, the only solution was the Blickle VLE 252/25-75K wheel. The cart specified a 10-inch diameter wheel, and the only outdoor, solid rubber wheel that could handle the speed and the 2,700-pound cart was the VLE wheel. With its re-enforced hub, it could handle the rigors of the weight and outdoor shock, and the solid rubber tire provided the cushion and load rating the OEM needed to be successful. The VLE wheels have lasted 12 times as long as the previous wheels, saving the OEM tens of thousands (if not more) in downtime and maintenance costs alone. The VLE wheels have also had zero problems with FOD, keeping the plant clean and free of foreign objects.


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