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CC Apex: A Client's Request Leads to Reduced Metal Chip Retention

Manufacturing Cart CC Apex Casters After

Caster Connection received this message from a now-client in the manufacturing & design industry who found our website in hopes of finding a solution to their then-current wheels’ problems: “I was reading a case study on your CC Apex wheels. I have a similar environment with chips becoming embedded in the wheel; we switched to steel wheels but are now dealing with damage to our concrete floors. The [casters that our carts ride] on need to [be capable of holding] up to 1 ton. Could you provide more info on the CC Apex wheels?”

After receiving this request, a Caster Connection Regional Solutions Manager [RSM] quickly contacted the prospective client and gathered more information to decipher whether or not the CC Apex was the right solution for the application. After a conversation and thorough research, Caster Connection’s RSM determined that CC Apex wheels were indeed the right solution for the situation. Following the implementation of the CC Apex line into some of their applications, the client wrote this in September, 2013 about Caster Connection and the CC Apex line:

The carts in our facility that we use to transport our materials and products were originally constructed with flat steel wheels for their capacity and durability. We will load our carts with up to 2500lbs of materials. These wheels proved hard to maneuver and cause damage to the concrete floors.

Our facility decided to go through an effort to epoxy paint the floors throughout the shop. The steel wheels needed to be replaced in order to protect and maintain the epoxy floor coatings, we tried standard urethane wheels but due to most of our facility being a machine shop with plenty of metal chips on the floors during production the wheels quickly became embedded with metal.

Manufacturing Cart w Steel Casters

The steel wheels that the client had in use picked up metal chips and debris and damaged flooring

I searched the internet as I figured someone has had the same issues [as me]. That is when I found the Caster Connection site and read through some of the case studies for the CC Apex wheels. We were skeptical about the claims that these wheels eject metal chips, but we gave it a shot and ordered 4 wheels to try.

Manufacturing Cart w CC Apex Casters

“As Caster Connection claims, these wheels do not pick up metal chips even when rolled through an area that is covered with chips”

The results were outstanding. With [our old] steel wheels, our employees had to really lean into the loaded carts to get them to roll. With the CC Apex wheels, [the carts] have [practically] been rolling away by themselves when parked, so we are looking into adding brakes to the wheels to keep the carts in place. As Caster Connection claims, these wheels do not pick up metal chips even when rolled through an area that is covered with chips. Our employees are very pleased with the wheels so much that many are asking when their department will be upgraded!

We have another type of cart that come with a 1” wide rubber tread wheel, but these also pick up metal chips and will damage our new epoxy floors. These carts are also being upgraded to the CC Apex wheel. In total, over 100 carts, racks and tables in our facility will be upgraded to use the CC Apex wheel.

Thanks for an excellent product!!

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