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Internationally-Known Tire Manufacturer Has Ergonomic, Green Rubber Retention, and Noise Issues

An internationally-well-known tire manufacturer was experiencing several issues in their facility that could all be remedied by using different, more appropriate casters. These issues included high ergonomic push/pull forces to move their carts, “green rubber” retention on their caster wheels, and unsafely high noise levels in their facility.

As we’ve written about before in detail, poor ergonomic push/pull performance can lead to employee injuries and increased costs for organizations. Before a tire is placed into the mold for its curing process, it is known as a “green tire”. The rubber from these green tires often ends up on the plant floor, and can get picked up as debris by many types of caster wheels, which can eventually clog up casters or other machinery. Just like ergonomic issues, unsafe noise levels can lead to employee injury in a variety of ways, and ultimately will increase organizations’ costs.

Tire Manufacturing Plant Floor

After the tire manufacturer got in touch with a Caster Solutions Expert (CSE) at Caster Connection, the CSE took the time to assess the plant floor, listen to the issues the client was experiencing, and formulate a recommendation to solve their problems. The Caster Connection CSE knew from prior experience that our CC Apex line of casters would not pick up green rubber debris, provided great ergonomic push/pull performance, and has low decibel output. After providing an additional ergonomics assessment, the Caster Connection CSE provided a set of sample CC Apex casters that they felt were most appropriate for the tire manufacturer’s needs.

uncured green rubber tire manufacturing
Uncured Green Rubber Tire

After months of using the samples in their facility, the tire manufacturer experienced sufficient ergonomics push/pull levels on their sample carts, witnessed the CC Apex wheels not retaining green rubber debris, and could verify that the decibel output from these new casters was satisfactorily quiet for their needs.

CC Apex Caster on Cart
CC Apex Caster

This sampling process led to orders for implementation of CC Apex casters onto a fleet of their casters, ultimately remedying their issues with ergonomics, green rubber retention, and noise.

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