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CC Apex HD Optimizes Material Handling Efficiency at Tire Manufacturing Facility

This case study explores how a strategic solution was implemented to address various challenges related to material handling at a tire manufacturing facility. The primary objectives were to reduce noise, enhance durability, improve floor protection, and optimize ergonomic push/pull operations. While specific quantitative data on noise reduction isn't available, it is estimated that there was at least a 20% decrease in noise levels. This case study showcases the successful integration of CC Apex HD caster wheels and their transformative impact on operations.

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Operating within the automotive manufacturing sector, this facility produces various components, including radiator supports, body pillars, metal stamping parts, bumper reinforcements, and brake pedals. Its fabrication department faced maneuverability issues related to their heavy-duty carts, particularly when utilized in manual push/pull operations.

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The solution involved replacing the existing polyurethane caster wheels with Apex HD caster wheels. These caster wheels were chosen due to their reputation for durability, reduced noise levels, and resistance to picking up debris, including sticky rubber materials used in the production process.

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- Custom forks with one slot were designed to ensure the caster wheels remained in the correct position during operation, minimizing errors and safety risks.

- Four swivel locks were incorporated into the carts, allowing for easy maneuverability within the tight plant space.

- The transition to Apex HD caster wheels was gradual, starting with a trial phase that lasted approximately 12 to 16 months.

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1. **Noise Reduction:** The most significant improvement observed was a substantial reduction in noise levels, making the workplace quieter and more conducive to productivity.

2. **Durability:** The CC Apex HD caster wheels demonstrated exceptional durability, with no reported issues during the extensive trial phase, spanning over a year.

3. **Floor Protection:** The polyurethane on the CC Apex HD caster wheels didn't pick up debris, contributing to natural floor protection and reducing the need for wheel maintenance.

4. **Ergonomics:** The ergonomic push/pull operations were improved, as the new caster wheels facilitated smoother and more efficient movements.

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The case study illustrates how the integration of Apex HD caster wheels resolved key material handling challenges at the tire manufacturing facility. The successful reduction of noise, enhanced durability, improved floor protection, and optimized ergonomic operations have led to increased operational efficiency and a safer work environment. The transition to these caster wheels has had a significant positive impact on the facility's material handling processes, reinforcing the value of using high-quality caster wheels in industrial settings.

Encouraged by the positive results during the trial phase, the tire manufacturing facility extended the use of Apex HD caster wheels to a broader range of material handling applications within their plant. In October 2021, they purchased 3000 units of the eight-by-three-inch caster wheels and successfully implemented them by March 2022.

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