Electrostatic Dissipating Casters

Shop electrostatic dissipative casters here. Caster Connection features our CC Apex ESD line of casters as a prime solution for those who move sensitive equipment that requires electrostatic dissipation, such as users of electronic equipment, clean rooms, medical environments and more. These casters are a great solution for data centers and server racks.

Electrostatic dissipative material conducts electricity, with a surface resistivity of equal to or greater than 10^5 ohms, but less than 10^12 ohms. Electrostatic dissipative material is not anti-static, nor is it conductive. Anti-static material prevents the buildup of static electricity, while conductive material has a surface resistivity of equal to or greater than 10^3 ohms, but less than 10^5 ohms.

Learn more about CC Apex ESD and electrostatic dissipation here.

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