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3 Wheel Types Safe For Tile Floors

For example, you found a wheel with a polyurethane tread but the core of it is made of solid cast iron. Even though the tread will be gentle on the tile, the weight of that wheel could greatly increase the chances of cracking the tile.

Bathroom With Tile Floor

Generally speaking, a smaller wheel will be lighter in weight. Although, if you compare a 3” aluminum wheel with a 3” cast iron wheel, the aluminum will be much lighter.



TPR 1 - 3 Wheel Types Safe for Tile Floors
TPR 2 - 3 Wheel Types Safe for Tile Floors

Thermoplastic rubber (TPR) wheels are perfect for tile flooring. TPR rubber has a lower durometer (it’s softer) than regular rubber and is non-marking. On top of that, the TPR wheels usually have a plastic core making them much lighter than their metal counterparts.


Orange CC Apex - 3 Wheel Types Safe for Tile Floors
Gray CC Apex - 3 Wheel Types Safe for Tile Floors

CC Apex wheels use our special polyurethane blend that is gentle on all flooring. They’re more durable than TPR wheels and come with an aluminum core which gives them a lighter weight.


CC Vintage PW Wheel - 3 Wheel Types Safe for Tile Floors

We designed the CC Vintage PW (polyurethane wheel) wheel after customers asked us for a better indoor alternative to the traditional cast iron. As a result, we decided to give the wheel a non-marking polyurethane tread. Even though the core is cast iron, it’s spoked to help reduce the overall weight of the wheel (along with giving it that vintage look ).

It’s also important to note that while these wheel types are safe for tile, weight load and how you treat the application are key. For instance, an 8” poly on iron wheel won’t bode well on tile because that wheel is probably more than 7 or 8 pounds.

This is what can happen when you roll hard wheels on tile

This is what can happen when you roll hard wheels on tile.

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Use your best judgment when rolling casters over tile. We wrote this blog assuming you have the most delicate tile flooring around. Just remember:

  • If you have a heavier application, you may want to consider a lighter wheel type.
  • Metal wheel treads tend to scrape tile floors. It’s best to avoid them on tile.


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