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Caster Connection Introduces CC Nexus: The Next Generation of Heavy-Duty Ergonomic Casters

8/9/2023 - Caster Connection, a leading provider of high-quality caster solutions, is excited to unveil our latest product line—the CC Nexus. This revolutionary multi-wheel caster solution sets a new standard for heavy-duty ergonomic casters, offering unparalleled performance, durability, and versatility.

The CC Nexus boasts a modular design, providing customers with the freedom to customize their casters to perfectly fit their facility's specific needs. With a focus on strength and reliability, these casters are capable of effortlessly handling significant payloads, making them the perfect choice for many material handling applications.

What Sets the CC Nexus Apart?

Our new CC Nexus casters have a performance enhancing multi-wheel design, specifically engineered to improve ergonomic performance, particularly when maneuvering in tight spaces. Each wheel pivots individually, significantly reducing scrubbing and rolling resistance, resulting in easier turning and reduced exertion.

"We are proud to present the CC Nexus, our most versatile caster yet," said Joe Lyden, President at Caster Connection. "With its exceptional modularity and cutting-edge design, this caster opens up endless possibilities for creating individualized solutions that perfectly align with our clients' unique requirements."

Which Industries Does CC Nexus Benefit?

In addition to its remarkable maneuverability, the CC Nexus also offers various benefits specific to different industries. In the automotive industry, it effectively reduces ergonomic risk and overexertion during manual push/pull activities, ensuring the safety and well-being of workers. It minimizes battery draw for AGV/Automation applications. The aviation and aerospace sector benefits from its ergonomic properties and superior floor protection, while the healthcare industry can rely on its noise reduction capabilities. Moreover, the CC Nexus finds its application in various other sectors such as hospitality, metal fabrication, logistics and supply chain, and OEM equipment.

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The CC Nexus has been developed to optimize performance and improve productivity across industries. Its robust construction and unique design make it a game-changer for material handling operations of any scale.

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