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Spring-loaded Gate Casters

Reduce stress on the hinges of your gate(s) with spring-loaded gate casters.

Spring-loaded gate casters provide excellent support for gates. They can carry a lot of weight by counterbalancing the load of the gate and allowing it to swing freely. Doing so will prevent the gate from hanging, dragging or worse - being torn off the hinges.

An added benefit of a gate caster with an compression spring is the spring allows caster wheels to roll carefully on uneven surfaces without compromising proper support of the gate.

Gate casters are not meant to carry the entire weight of the gate. The compression spring provides a shock absorbed ride on uneven ground. The spring on the gate caster can only move 1”, therefore it cannot roll through deep pot holes or extremely uneven ground. In addition, the neck of the caster does not expand to accommodate a larger overall height.


  • Try to attach the gate caster to the lowest point of the application so that the spring compresses as the caster moves up to the high point.
  • Try mounting the gate caster as far away from the hinges as possible in order to be the most effective.

Photo by Debora Carl Landscape Designs


Below is our selection of spring-loaded gate casters. Feel free to click on the pictures for more information.

3" x 1" Hard Rubber Wheel

100 lbs. weight capacity


Gate Caster with 3" Wheel

4" x 1-1/4" Hard Rubber Wheel

225 lbs. Weight Capacity


Gate Caster with 4" Wheel

6" x 2" Hard Rubber Wheel

550 lbs. weight capacity


Gate Caster with 6" Wheel

Finally, if you need help selecting the right spring-loaded gate caster, our knowledgable solutions staff is here to help!