Understanding Warehouse and Material Handling Automation


Automation is solving many of the industry's biggest issues. Discover where we are seeing the most significant challenges within the warehouse and material handling industries and how automation is helping to address these obstacles.

Check out Caster Connection's autonomous solutions hub, including a free whitepaper and a fascinating episode of The Industrial Lens featuring two experts from the industry-leading Bastian Solutions.


Discover how robotic process automation solutions such as AGVs and AGCs can help manufacturing, warehousing/distribution centers, those in material handling and other industries to reduce injuries and improve operations.

In This Whitepaper, You Will Learn:

  • How to protect and retain employees - especially during this era of employee shortages.
  • The benefits of a forklift-free initiative.
  • Specifics regarding autonomous solutions like Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs), Autonomous Guided Carts (AGCs) and Autonomous Guided Vehicles (AGVs).
  • The value of autonomous solutions.
  • Considerations for moving towards automation.
  • The role of casters in an automation solution.
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The Best Caster for Automated Towlines & More

The CC Stark has a capacity of 2,000 lbs, making it the best caster in the world for towline applications, especially when you need to move heavy loads efficiently.

In addition to its effectiveness in towlines, CC Stark is exceptionally successful in encountering the demands for ergonomic performance and industrial safety. CC Stark provides a low rolling resistance and works quite well with heavy push/pull applications, as its tread shape reduces rolling resistance by up to 40% compared to other polyurethane casters and wheels.

CC stark is an extremely durable wheel and comes standard with a 4-year warranty.

Proven Caster Solutions for AGVs

SKU: CC-5160-800200-40-T2

8" x 2" CC Stark Swivel Caster

Overall Height
Wt. Capacity
2,000 lbs.
Wheel Width
Wheel Diameter


SKU: CC-2350-010200-40-T1

10" CC Stout HD Kingpinless Swivel Caster

Overall Height
Wt. Capacity
1,850 lbs.
Wheel Width
Wheel Diameter


Podcast: Industrial Automation with Bastian Solutions

Joe and Eric of The Industrial Lens interview Michael Marcum (General Manager—Autonomous Vehicles) and Jared Sanders (Operations Manager—Autonomous Vehicles) of Bastian Solutions.

The focus of this episode is on industrial automation, and touches on the multitude of benefits that automated guided vehicles (AGVs) can bring to an organization including improved safety, working conditions, and employee retention.

Visit TheIndustrialLens.com for more information and episodes from The Industrial Lens podcast series.

Factors To Consider In Choosing Casters For Forklift-free Initiatives

Forklift-free initiatives, which are underway at many manufacturing plants, are intended to boost safety and increase productivity. Despite the United States having some of the most strict health and safety standards in the world, approximately 20,000 people are hospitalized annually due to injuries caused by forklift accidents. In addition to these injuries that require hospitalization, there is, on average, one forklift-related fatality every three to four days. In order to help your organization reduce costs, increase efficiency, and improve safety, we detail the key factors to consider when choosing casters for your forklift-free initiative.

Learn more here about choosing the right casters for forklift-free initiatives.

Customized and Streamlined Caster Solutions for an Automation and Robotics Company

Casters for automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and automated guided carts (AVCs) critically affect overall performance. Noise, ergonomics, weight capacity, customization, and many other issues are some of the main challenges of AGVs and AGCs. Addressing these issues and others is how we helped one automation and robotics company to avoid these potential pitfalls while customizing their rigs.

Learn more about how we assisted this automation and robotics company with casters for their AGVs.

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