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Industry Solutions and Trends Caster Education Hub

Caster end user factory worker

We serve and partner with clients in a variety of industries and with a variety of uses cases, which is why we've developed this Industry Solutions and Trends Caster Education Hub.

Below you will find caster solutions content and resources dedicated specifically to various industries that Caster Connection serves, as well as information regarding topics such as material handling automation that affect a variety of industries.


Automotive Caster Solutions Content & Resource Hub

Casters have a role of great importance role in automotive manufacturing. The proper casters and wheels in your application can mean the difference between uptime and downtime, employee productivity and employee injury, or even maintenance prevention vs. costly maintenance.

Caster Wheels In Automotive Plant 1

Distribution Caster Solutions Content & Resource Hub

If your distribution center is typical, you have a caster problem. Or, to be more accurate, you have a commodity caster problem.

Here we describe the top shortcomings and consequences of commodity casters found on picker carts, platform trucks, tugger carts and other material handling systems in distribution centers, while also explaining how better casters help distribution centers reduce injuries, improve operations and lower costs.

Distribution center boxes

Fabrication Caster Solutions Content & Resource Hub

Metal fabrication shops are facing a number of pressures that affect their ability to efficiently fulfill orders, maintain quality, expand profitability and satisfy customer expectations. Improving the casters on the OEM carts that you custom fabricate for your customers helps them maintain uptime, protect worker safety, lower maintenance costs and plenty more.


Healthcare Caster Solutions Content & Resource Hub

Improving casters in healthcare facilities can reduce noise, enhance patient satisfaction, and prevent employee injury by driving ergonomics.

Learn how improving your hospital casters boosts your HCAHPS scores, reduces noise, enhances patient satisfaction and ensures healthy ergonomics.

Medical supplies cart stock


Understanding Warehouse and Material Handling Automation

Automation is solving many of the industry's biggest issues. Where are we seeing the most significant challenges right now? Check out Caster Connection's autonomous solutions hub, including a free whitepaper and a fascinating podcast episode with Bastian Solutions.

AGV and AGC casters

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