All About Casters for Agricultural Equipment Manufacturing

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The importance of agricultural industry can't be overlooked. Consider the oldest industry in the world, agriculture is almost as old as humanity itself, and while every industry is essential to someone, agriculture is essential to just about everyone, whether they realize it or not.

Agriculture continues to evolve as an industry with advancements of science and technology, which is why agriculture in the United States and around the world looks radically different than it less than a century ago. With these scientific and technological advancements, this industry continues to evolve to meet the demands of an ever growing and changing market, which is where Caster Connection comes into the equation.

We understand the demands of manufacturing agricultural equipment and we are committed to working with you to keep your business in motion with high-quality casters the rigorous demands of your workplace. Explore the free resources we have provided within our agricultural hub below and discover how Caster Connection can assist your business in the future with top of the line casters that align to your unique needs.

Challenges and Pain Points

We understand the challenges and pain points our partners face within every sector of the agricultural industry because we have been working with businesses just like yours for over 35 years to help resolve their challenges.

The resources and links below are in place to help aid in combatting these challenges:

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Environmental Factors

Unlike many industries, businesses within the agricultural sector often have to deal with variable conditions and a wider range of environmental factors. We can help you find the right casters to met the most rigorous demands of your job.

Transporting Heavy Weight

Your cargo is incredibly valuable and meeting the demand of your clients is critical. Therefore it is important to use casters that can handle that demand without fail.

Minimizing Noise & Vibrations

Manual push/pull or powered applications can be noisy when towed on improper casters. Noise level reduction of 10% or more is common when implementing correct caster solutions.

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Downtime Prevention

Better casters increase uptime, improve safety, reduce noise, lower maintenance costs and improve productivity for your clients

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Understanding Commodity Risk

Most commodity casters fail prematurely, taking your clients' productive carts out of service

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Ergonomic Injury Prevention

Cheap casters can cause preventable lower-back injuries. Your employees along with their knowledge and experience are invaluable assets to your business. Choosing high-quality ergonomic casters helps keep them safe while allowing them to be even more efficient.

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Floor Protection

Commodity casters cause expensive damage to your floors. It is essential that your casters can withstand a variety surfaces, debris, and more without damaging flooring.

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The Value of Rebound Resilience

How rebound resilience allows casters to repel debris and navigate over impediments

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Determining Quality

How to tell the difference between good and bad casters

Proven Caster Solutions for Agriculture

SKU: CC-1210-400200-40-T1

4" CC Apex Swivel Caster

Overall Height
Wt. Capacity
700 lbs.
Wheel Width
Wheel Diameter


SKU: CC-1230-400200-40-T1

4" CC Nylex Swivel Caster

Overall Height
Wt. Capacity
1,000 lbs.
Wheel Width
Wheel Diameter


SKU: GC-0220-010300-40-T2


Overall Height
Wt. Capacity
3,000 lbs.
Wheel Width
Wheel Diameter


Casters for Agriculture Articles and Case Studies

The CC Nylex is Often the Best Push/Pull Solution of All Our Products

Many of our clients don’t even think about casters until there has been a problem. In one instance, Case New Holland (CNH) in Grand Island Nebraska was more proactive and decided to begin an initiative to improve all aspects of its production line, specifically in the areas of efficiency and ergonomics. We partnered with CNH to help them achieve their goals in many areas of their large facility.

How the CC Stark Has Performed for Case New Holland

Have you ever bought a product that claimed to be durable and high-performing, but then you found out how fragile and poor-quality it was? We’ve seen it dozens of times within the caster industry. The casters look nice, you put them on your carts, but you find that they fail after less than a year. For most of our clients, they have to have two qualities: durability and versatility. Most of our casters have these qualities, but each caster normally has a specific strength. Case New Holland Grand Island needed a caster that was durable, versatile, and able to handle speed with heavy weight. Learn how Caster Connection's recommended solution met those demands.

CC Peak Rig Dramatically Improves Case New Holland Operations

Case New Holland (CNH) is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of premium agricultural equipment. To produce this equipment, they have a robust manufacturing operation that they are constantly trying to improve. CNH Nebraska moves tens of thousands of parts each month, moving throughout main buildings and from one building to another. This means that they drive both indoors and outdoors hundreds of times each day. Because they move so many parts indoors and outdoors, they have hundreds of carts with thousands of casters. In order to maintain these casters and carts, CNH has several employees who repair carts continuously full-time. Learn how Caster Connection partnered with CNH Nebraska when they were encountering some critical issues on their production line.

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