Stem Mount Casters

When are stem mount casters the proper choice for making objects mobile? Typically, stems are necessary when limited space is offered on an object’s connection point. Some examples of typical connection points for stem mount casters include chair legs, table legs, furniture, some medical equipment, and more.

 If you know your necessary stem type - use the Stem Type filter to shop our variety of stem caster offerings, such as threaded stem, grip neck stem, grip ring stem, hollow kingpin, round stem, square grip ring, and expanding adapter.

Whether you need swivel stem casters, heavy duty stem casters, stem casters with brakes, or more, you’re in the right place!

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Set Descending Direction
Caster Type
  1. Kingpin Swivel
Wheel Diameter
  1. 4"
  2. 5"
Wheel Material
  1. Polyurethane
  2. Thermoplastic Rubber
Weight Capacity Range
  1. 50 - 250 lbs.
  2. 251 - 500 lbs.
Overall Height Range
  1. 4.0001" - 5"
  2. 5.0001" - 6"
Stem Type
  1. Expanding
  2. Threaded
Stem Diameter
  1. 3/8"
  2. 1/2"