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Cleaning Up Mobility Issues In Laundries


Does this environment look familiar? We’ve got a great caster recommendation for you!

While we’ve recommended the Swivel-EAZ® for use in several manufacturing-related industries, we also recommend it for use in laundries. A major benefit of the Swivel-EAZ® is the wheel’s ability to maneuver in tight spaces - which makes it a great caster wheel to use in laundries where space is limited. The split tread design allows the wheel to make more precise turns in a smaller radius than other comparable wheels.

The Swivel-EAZ’s® split tread design allows the wheels to swivel independently, greatly reducing turning and rolling resistance on the wheel, far exceeding the competition on swivel, rigid, and fixed axle systems.



  • Independently swivelling wheels
  • Reduction in rolling resistance
  • Low required initial push/pull force
  • A great alternative to dual-wheel caster
  • Ability to carry 2x the load of standard wheels with similar tread durometer
  • Available in 4 tread durometers
  • Maintenance-free during lifespan
  • Non-marking and high performance

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