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Types of Stem-Mount Caster Rigs

Threaded Stem Swivel Caster

Stem Caster Explanatory Videos

Anatomy of a Stem Caster: Your Caster Connection

We explain the various types of stem mount casters: grip ring stem, square stem, hollow kingpin, threaded stem, grip-neck stem, expanding stem/expanding adapter – and options such as tack-welding and dust caps.

Measuring Caster Stem Size: Your Caster Connection

In this video we explain how to measure one of the most commonly focused-on specs of casters: stem size.

Selecting the Perfect Vintage Caster

If you're deciding upon the best CC Vintage stem caster for your needs, jump to the 3:50 mark in this video to learn more about stem options and how to choose them.

Caster Stem Types

Grip-Ring Stem Caster

Grip ring stems have a small friction ring that keeps the stem in the round hole within the cart. Grip ring stem casters are commonly found on mop bucket casters, office chair casters.

Grip Ring Stem Swivel Caster

Threaded Stem Caster

Threaded stems have a distinct width, thread count and length, ranging from 3/8 to 3/4″ wide. This is the most common type of stem caster.

Threaded Stem Swivel Caster

Square Stem Caster

Square stems fit into a square tube. The stem is held in place with a cotter pin. This attachment type is found on shelving racks.

Square Stem Swivel Caster

Expanding Stem Caster

Expanding adapters fit into a variety of inner diameter round or square tubes depending on adapter kit and size of tube. This attachment type is great for hollow legs and tubes.

When the stem is inserted, the rubber adapter is expanded to fit the size of the hollow tube or leg.

Expanding Stem Swivel Caster

Hollow Kingpin Caster

Does not have a stem, but rather an opening for a bolt to be inserted into the opening to act as the stem. This is a great option if you can’t find a caster with the threaded stem size you need.

Hollow Kingpin Swivel Caster


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