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Phenolic Vs. Polyurethane On Aluminum Caster Wheels


Are phenolic caster wheels your best possible solution?

If you’re on a tight budget and need a solution right away, phenolic caster wheels are a common go-to option, but commonly end up costing users more money down the road. Phenolic caster wheels are known to be associated with hidden costs that can only be seen during the life-cycle of the product. One of the hidden costs of phenolic wheels is that the wheel tread will show wear and pick up debris. Due to debris build-up, the phenolic caster wheel will become noisy and become harder to push in its short lifespan.

If you’re interested in a polyurethane on aluminum caster wheel option with a low total cost of ownership, the CC Apex will be your best bet – look no further. The CC Apex is the leading brand of polyurethane on aluminum caster wheel for good reason.

5 reasons why the CC Apex is greater than the standard polyurethane on aluminum can be found here.

Unlike the phenolic caster wheel, the CC Apex can ensure longevity in the work environment. CC Apex’s advanced polyurethane tread stores energy that can cover periods of peak demand, costing end users little to no downtime and providing long-term availability on the production floor. The CC Apex does not pickup debris - allowing ease of mobility - and can operate quietly. Not only is the CC Apex quiet, it does not ruin floors. Meanwhile, phenolic caster wheels can leave dents and dimples in flooring, and can project unwanted noise.

How do you decide if phenolic caster wheels are right for you?

Are short-term budget constraints your main concern regarding caster purchases? Then phenolics may be the correct option for you right now - but you may very well end up spending more in a very short time-frame due to replacement and maintenance cost(s).

How do you decide if the CC Apex is right for you?

You need a resilient and efficient caster wheel that provides low operational and maintenance costs, and can maximize your return on your investment.

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