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Downtime Leads To High TCO

To illustrate the distinction between casters with high and low TCO, consider this scenario: a manufacturer's tow line needs new sets of casters to satisfy growing business demands. Their budget requires a caster solution to high weight at high speeds for a fair price. The manufacturer is weighing their options between 2 casters: one they're aware of (TPR), and one they've been introduced to (CC Stark).

  • Option A: 8" x 2" CC Stark caster wheel with a forged kingpin rig with extended-lead.
CC Stark - A Great Option for Low TCO

8" x 2" Thermoplastic Rubber Caster Wheel


Choosing the CC Stark is choosing to invest in benefits for the long term. The CC Stark provides ergonomic benefits, durability, and quiet operation. The CC Stark's construction allows it to carry heavier weight loads at higher speeds than the TPR caster, and the CC Stark has a longer life expectancy (and lower TCO) when compared against a TPR caster.


Total Cost Of Ownership (TCO): High TCO vs. Low TCO Savings and Cost Over Time

High TCO vs. Low TCO Savings over Time. Break even threshold is unique for any given application.

A caster wheel with a short lifecycle wears down faster. The CC Stark has an average life expectancy of 4 years, while a TPR caster would have a much shorter lifespan in the scenario described above - before replacing. Under these circumstances, the chance of downtime using a TPR caster wheel is much higher. The incident of downtime using the CC Stark is much lower - reducing replacement cost by over 300%. In other words, the CC Stark can help a manufacturer's production flow stay on schedule for a long time.


Downtime is a Four Letter Word October 2018

Production line downtime can prevent the manufacturer from meeting on-time delivery. Delivery issues and adjusting production schedules can add cost to modifying delivery methods. Thus, the costs of downtime can overcome any initial cost savings from a caster with high TCO.


To summarize, TCO is the biggest difference between the CC Stark and TPR caster for the circumstances described above. As a result, businesses with tow lines using the CC Stark are at a competitive advantage because of its capability and durability.

Casters with high TCO have short lifecycles, leading to increased MRO replacement cost and a variety of other potential issues.

Interested in maximizing the value of the CC Stark? Send us a message to learn more. We will get you in touch with one of our Regional Solutions Managers to elaborate on relevant use cases.