Vintage Casters: What They Are & Why You'll Love Them

June 21, 2017   |   News, Product InformationBrands

You may have come across furniture on Pinterest or on television that has that cool, refined, vintage-look. Sometimes it’s steam-punk, sometimes it’s intricately-detailed antique, and other times the classic mid-century modern style. Have you noticed a lot of this furniture has retro-looking wheels? For example, check out this bed:


Courtesy of GSW Construction.

CC Vintage casters give this frame a rustic, industrial look to match the headboard and footboard, and make it much easier to move the bed for any particular reason.

So, we know vintage casters may look cool, but do they actually function well? Maybe some of the antique furniture you’ve seen has had rusty wheels that appeared they were ready to give out at a moment’s notice. This is certainly the case with many retro casters.

For a refresher on what a caster actually is, check out this video:


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Vintage Casters for Furniture Mobility 

The wheels on vintage casters of yesteryear weren’t necessarily made to support the weight of our new-age furniture, nor the speed in which we’d typically move things around. Because of this, retro caster wheels don’t always function well.

CC Vintage Casters Logo

To solve this issue, we’ve taken newer casters and designed them to look vintage, making what can often be non-functional into a convenient, pleasing add-on to any furniture. Vintage industrial casters offer you a number of benefits, including:

  • The ability to conveniently slide furniture around while cleaning, so you can actually reach all those dust bunnies hiding underneath
  • The option to rearrange heavier furniture without taking it apart (or asking three friends to help and throwing out your back!)

Vintage Casters for Floor & Furniture Protection

With the resurgence of vintage, mid-century modern, and other antique-type designs comes the popularity of real wood flooring. Many homebuilders are choosing to rip up carpet and linoleum to uncover what’s underneath – and much of the time it’s the original wood floors. Installing vintage casters repurposed with rubber wheels on furniture can help:

  • Protect your floors when you slide furniture around. No one likes scratches across their nice floors!
  • Protect your wood furniture from moisture on the ground while you’re cleaning (or during an unintentional spill!) by providing extra clearance

Where Can I Find Vintage Casters?

Caster Connection now offers a variety of vintage casters for sale through our website. Here’s a little preview of the diverse vintage casters we have. We Also offer custom creation of these casters upon request.



Interested? Check out our variety of vintage casters!


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Want something with a little more functionality and lots of bold color?
Our CC Apex casters are another great option for custom furniture.


Time to Get Creative!

Now that you’ve learned everything you’ve ever wanted to know about vintage casters, it’s your turn to get crafty. Whether you’ve gone industrial, antique, steam-punk, modern, or funky-retro – we want to see your designs! Share your vintage caster looks with us on Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook with #CasterConnection.

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