11 Creative Furniture Uses for Industrial Vintage Casters

January 5, 2016  |  Product Information,

Exploring Vintage Casters and the Mid-Century Modern Age

The desirability of Mid-Century Modern furniture is an interesting one. Why are Mid-Century Modern furnishings all the rage these days?

Our vintage casters are Mid-Century inspired, but they are pieces of a bigger picture. What exactly is Mid-Century Modern? For starters, the term Mid-Century Modern can be used to define a specific era of design where each piece had a story to tell. As Daniel Engber decided, “[Mid-Century Modern] does seem like a style meant for bridging eras… It lets us dabble in nostalgia while we maintain the sense of making progress; it helps us to recall a time when the future seemed bright.”

To better understand the fascination and appeal of the Mid-Century Modern wave, we decided to do a round-up 11 creative uses for industrial vintage casters as they are applied to Mid-Century style furniture.

1. Unconventional Coffee Table Design

Inspired by the old railway carts used to transfer trunks and crates, this eccentric coffee table can carry anyone's attention.

2. Fashion-Forward Profile Bookcase

Round Wire Frame Vintage Bookcase

Could this be a bookcase disguised as a display case? Possibly. This double-rounded frame securely manages four shelves of differing lengths.

3. Rolling Shelving Unit

This rolling shelving unit can serve you well in stocking up cards and board games.

4. Traveling Band TV Stand


If your media center needs a leading star, look no further. Outfitted with natural wood colored panels and metal detail, you might wonder how on Earth did you start a show without it.

Note: This TV stand will look a lot better with our vintage casters.

5. One-Drawer Chest

Nashville One Drawer Chest with Casters

This single-drawer chest shares the same look and feel as the TV stand above. You can place it nearby to tie-in the vibe.

6. Two-Storage Drawer Chest

Nashville Two-Drawer Chest with Casters

If a single-drawer chest wasn't enough for you, there's room for two.

7. Sideboard Storage

Expand your storage space with this sideboard to store any extra dinnerware and/or linens that you couldn’t find room for in the kitchen.

8. Rolling Bar

Vintage Inspired Rolling Bar Cart

Entertain your guest with a rolling bar that can hold your finest bar-ware and drink specials.

9. Farmer's Market Console Cart

Farmers Market Console Cart with Casters

This cart could very well be a nice starter project into the realm of building your own Mid-Century furniture.

10. Side Table

Sordahl Rolling Side Table

This natural wood side tabletop is enhanced with a mesh-wired shelf.

11. Trolley Console

Occupied with mesh baskets that can be drawn out for extra storage, this trolley console can carry its own weight for storage space.

From what we've seen, Mid-Century Modern designs have their own character and share a timeless look. Hopefully, this round-up has inspired you to take on your next project and has opened your eyes to new furniture possibilities.