10 Useful Pipe Furnishing Ideas

April 19, 2016  |  Product Information, Casters

Building off of the momentum from our post that listed 4 Useful Pipe Furniture Ideas, we wanted to share another round-up of what we feel can inspire DIY’ers who are looking to take matters into their own hands. Because the look of pipe furniture pairs well with the industrial rustic look that our vintage casters provide, we decided to share 10 useful pipe furnishing ideas for your next project.

1. Bed Frame & Pipe Dreams

Caster Connection Bed And Pipe Dreams

Photo by Adrienne DeRosa

Pipe bed frames are a cool and economical way to utilize your DIY skills. They also pair really well with our expanding adapter stem casters.

2. Roll-out Piped Kitchen Cart

Caster Connection Roll-out Piped Kitchen Cart

Are you limited on kitchen counter space? A roll-out piped kitchen cart might be exactly what you need. Tucked away into an inconspicuous location, the cart can stay out of the way when it is not needed.

3. Vernacular Bachelor Pad

Caster Connection Vernacular Bachelor Pad

Photo by Dan Farmer

A common configuration of pipe furniture is the coffee table pipe build. The simplicity and elegance allow it to be adaptable in almost any environment.

4. Quaint Living Space

Caster Connection Quaint Living Space

Photo by Nick Smith

A rolling piped table set off to the side can help serve as a display to show off floral decorations to help brighten up a room.

5. Clean Sweep Piped Shelving

Caster Connection Clean Sweep Kitchen Pipe Shelving

Keeping your kitchen gear within reach during a hardcore cooking session is a major key. Simple pipe shelving conveniently puts all of your pots and pans within arms' reach while keeping it stylish.

6. Kitchen with Barn Door and Pipe Shelves

Caster Connection Kitchen With Barn Door and Pipe Shelves

Photo by Greg Clark

Give your kitchen a rustic–chic makeover with a custom sliding barn door and a couple of cool pipe shelves to show off your classy kitchenware. Find out how to use a v-groove caster wheel for a sliding barn door, here.

7. Living The Industrial Vintage Life

“Small rooms and dwellings set the mind on the right path, large ones cause it to go astray.” - Leonardo da Vinci.

Caster Connection Industrial Vintage Pipes

Photo by Rad Design

This living space is a prime example that micro-living doesn’t have to compromise big visions of placing a room into a world of the industrial look and feel. Set at the center, the coffee table outfitted with vintage casters, can serve as the centerpiece that ties the room together. Then along the walls, the pipe shelves seem to encourage the continuity of the atmosphere.

Caster Connection Industrial Vintage Pipes Living Room

Utilizing the space you have is important when you don’t have much to work with. This is a great example of different types of DIY and pipe furniture in one setting. Remember, when you build it yourself, you’re the artist!

8. Farmhouse Mid-sized Restroom With Pipe Furnishing

Caster Connection Farmhouse Mid-Sized Restroom With Pipes

Pipes aren’t just for plumbing. They can be constructed in a fashionable and functional way to make your bathroom perfect.

9. Handling A Barnyard Door With A Pipe

Caster Connection Barnyard Door With Pipe Handle

Photo by Tad Davis

This is a beautiful example of a sliding barn door setup. We often see pipes as mere décor, but this sliding barn door is paired with a pipe handle for added functionality.

10. Reclaimed Wood Panels + Pipe Shelving

Reclaimed Board and Pipe Industrial Shelving

Photo by Urban Grain

This setup is great for an apartment but would also be ideal for a retail setting. Notice those aren’t actual sliding drawers at the bottom. Casters could make all the difference!


That covers our pipe furnishing round-up for now! We hope you’re inspired to take on your next pipe furniture/fixture project.

Show us your work - we’re very interested to see what you come up with!