Cast Iron vs. Polyurethane Tread Antique Caster Wheel

February 23, 2016   |   Product Information,

Our 2 most popular antique casters are the cast iron and polyurethane tread vintage casters. Both of these antique casters look very similar at first glance, however, the differences between the 2 are major.


The CCVINTAGE is the classic, iconic vintage caster that will complete any piece of rustic furniture. Cast iron caster wheels work well on solid ground like concrete or blacktop. They’re rugged enough to wheel outside to a barbeque or to hold up the tool bench in the garage.


Polyurethane on Cast Iron (CCVINTAGE-PW)

The CCVINTAGE-PW is our answer to keeping that rustic vintage look without tearing up your nice wooden floors. The polyurethane tread will not mark up any floor and is gentle enough to roll on floor types like tile, carpet and wood. It’s the perfect indoor vintage caster.


Cast Iron (CCVINTAGE) versus Polyurethane on Cast Iron (CCVINTAGE-PW)

When choosing the best caster for your vintage needs, it’s important to choose a wheel that will work with the floor type you have.  For instance, hitting a bump between two ceramic tiles while pushing a cart with cast iron casters could splinter the tile while the polyurethane tread will soften that bump without incident.


When considering the choice between the CCVINTAGE or CCVINTAGE-PW casters for your next DIY project, you must consider the weight of the application, environment, and range of mobility. Our flagship CCVINTAGE caster wheels are great for applications that are stationary and are not recommended for use on wood and vinyl floors. The CCVINTAGE-PW caster wheels are great for applications that are repositioned often because the polyurethane tread provides floor protection.