Exploring 5 Live Edge Wood Slab Inspirations

May 17, 2016   |   Product Information,

In the olden days, furniture was made of slabs of wood by necessity. These days, reclaimed wood slabs often find new life as eye-catching counter tops, benches, coffee tables, or bar tops. Salvaged wood slabs are capable of creating strong narratives that can develop stories in a living space. Take a look through the following wood slab furnishings to inspire your next project.

1. Sliding Wood Slab

Sliding Wood Slab Barn Door

Photo by John Merkl

It’s no secret that barn doors are one of the popular in-home trends for the do-it-yourselfer. In this example, we present a sliding wood slab door. This sliding door demonstration takes a strong piece of nature’s work and toughened it up as a functional piece of art.

2. Live Edge Wood Slab Kitchen Table

Live Edge Wood Slab Kitchen Table

Photo by Doran Construction and Design, Inc.

This kitchen table is possibly one of the sharpest objects in the kitchen – and it’s so solid that it looks as is it could double as a cutting board.

3. Kitchen Island Wood Slab

Wood Slab Kitchen Island Slab

Photo by Bob Narod

The color of this wood slab complements the kitchen floor incredibly well. A set of vintage casters would definitely finish this kitchen island off.

4. Coffee Table Wood Slab

Wood Slab Coffee Table

Photo by Eric Rorer

The right palette of colors can make the heart grow fonder. The dark-stained wood slab coffee table provides a sense of warmth to the room. The red curtains definitely amplify the atmosphere.

5. Dining Room Wood Slab Table

Wood Slab Dining Table

Photo by Joe DeMaio

This dining room table is an absolute stunner. The table stretches to fit 12-14 people. The bench placed at the end of the table adds a great touch.


The versatility of wood slab furnishings has proven to be adaptable within rustic and/or contemporary settings. No two live edge wood slabs are alike and that adds to the uniqueness of each piece. Live edge wood slab offers a natural appeal to DIY’ers, and working with wood slabs can be a rewarding experience. If you’re working on wood slab pieces that would go well with our vintage casters, send us a snapshot of your work. We’d definitely like to check it out!