Push Heavy Carts Easily With One Simple Trick

Problem #1: It requires A LOT of effort to get the cart moving. Problem #2: Using bodyweight to overcompensate for lack of arm strength to push the cart will cause wear and tear on one's body. In other words: physical overexertion. This post will teach you how to push heavy carts easily with one simple trick.



Photo Credit: Rogue Fitness

Pushing a loaded material handling cart should not feel comparable to pushing a loaded dog sled for fitness training. Unanticipated muscle loading from pushing a heavy cart can trigger muscle injuries that may take an extreme amount of time to heal. Suppose that an employee at a material handling facility throws out their back from pushing a heavy cart - the employee’s back pain can prevent them from sitting, walking, and working comfortably.



If it feels like you are a football player exploding off the line, just to get the cart going, you may have to lower the push/pull resistance with the CC Apex. The CC Apex can lower push/pull resistance by 25-50% without moving a muscle. That is because the CC Apex's special polyurethane tread is formulated to store energy. When the CC Apex is sitting under load, it wants to move. When you are pushing a cart with CC Apex wheels installed, the CC Apex releases the energy and helps move with the cart operator’s push efforts.


Shown Above: CCAPEX-8S-MF-TP2-OH2-EXT

Keep in mind that floor environments play an important role in which caster wheel material is best suited for your environment, so you may need to explore options beyond the CC Apex to meet your needs. If you need assistance to help you find the best caster wheel for your application and environment, contact us to begin working with one of our Regional Solutions Managers.