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Caster Connection Offers On-Demand Ergonomic Push/Pull Testing and Conversation Live Stream


Push/pull testing: What is it? How do you do it? Why do you do it?

In today’s manufacturing environment, keeping our team members safe is of utmost importance. The number #1 injury in the workplace is lower back injuries from overexertion, and with the daily struggle of adding new team members and keeping our current associates, maintaining a safe level of exertion when maneuvering material handling dollies is EXTREMELY important.

Come join Caster Connection as we physically demonstrate and review how push/pull testing is executed, the variables we need to consider when choosing casters to lower ergonomic push/pull forces, and different caster solution types to be successful.

This is an ON-DEMAND virtual demonstration event featuring push/pull testing with a cart. Please join Caster Connection as we educate and answer questions when it comes to obtaining push/pull data, and how to help solve the daily ergonomic concerns we encounter with the carts in your facility.

Push pull live stream screenshot