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How To Measure The Value Of The CC Apex

If you’re wondering what the CC Apex wheel is best at doing, look no further. Check out the infographic below to discover the value of the CC Apex.

1. Soft donut tread with rebound resiliency

- Reduces decibel levels, creating a much quieter environment

2. Debris Retention

- Does not retain debris, thus protecting the flooring

3. Wheel Failure/Replacements Costs

- Holds up under the most rigorous applications and performs superbly in tow lines, which reduces downtime and replacement costs - saving you money

4. Push/Pull Ergonomics

- Dramatically reduces push/pull force requirements with its incredible rebound and resiliency, preventing workplace injuries

5. Strength To Increase Weight Requirements

- Provides the necessary load capacities for the increasing weight in the applications.

The CC Apex wheel features a high-quality polyurethane tread bonded to a lightweight, sturdy aluminum core. The donut style tread is combined with a maintenance-free sealed precision ball bearing, providing nearly effortless roll-ability. The CC Apex wheel is priced according to the competitive economic environment.

  • Donut tread allows easy turning even under heavy loads
  • High-quality polyurethane stands up to the most demanding continuous applications

The CC Apex has been called many things over the years, from the "orange smoothie" to the "game changer", or simply "THE orange wheel". Regardless of what it's been labeled, one thing is for certain: the CC Apex has helped countless businesses achieve greater success through ergonomics and maneuverability.

Contact Caster Connection today to see how we can outfit your facility with the CC Apex.