Ergonomic Concerns

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Manually-pushed caster wheels are used in an enormous variety of environments and applications. Some examples are high-heat, chemical, moisture, heavy-weight, light-weight, and ergonomic applications. When choosing a caster for manual applications, you have a lot of options.

In all cases, it is better if the caster improves push/pull, i.e., makes it easier to push and pull. It is better if you can improve ergonomics, but at times high-heat or moisture resistance will be even more important.

However, manual caster wheels more often than not are used to improve push/pull force. Materials like polyurethane and nylon allow you to greatly reduce injury to the lower back. Nylon is fantastic for casters that are involved in manual applications, as it can reduce push/pull by 30% to 50% at times. It is, on the other hand, meant for clean floors. Polyurethane can reduce push/pull and can handle debris because of the high amount of rebound resilience found in ergonomic caster wheels made from polyurethane. These are two examples of caster wheels for manual applications.

You can also get caster wheels that work with both manual and towline applications, so make sure that the casters you are choosing for manual applications are also suitable for towlines, if this is important to your unique working environment.

Below, you’ll find caster wheels for manual applications, and many of these will reduce push/pull force. Contact us if you don’t see what you need or if you would like some guidance in purchasing your caster wheels .

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