Casters and Wheels for the Outdoors - Caster Connection's Recommendations

August 8, 2017   |   Brands, Casters

It's prime outdoor grilling and chilling season and no one wants to do any heavy lifting. Make it mobile with Caster Connection's selection of suitable casters and wheels for the outdoors. It’s a big world out there, and finding the right caster to handle your climate or terrain is a major key.

What about Stainless Steel?

Stainless steel is obviously the best choice when it comes to wet conditions but it's also very expensive and can still rust if left in really wet conditions for prolonged periods of time. If you’re not willing to spend big bucks for stainless, regular zinc coated steel casters will be fine as long as they’re not exposed to too much wetness. Storing your application in a garage or covering them will also greatly prolong the life of your outdoor casters. If you live near the beach, however, it may be wise to invest in stainless steel casters.

All Terrain Casters and Wheels for the Outdoors

6-81-AFT TP6680W-01-AFR-PBB

Pneumatic and foam-filled caster wheels are great for grass and gravel. Their off-road-type tread allows them to maneuver easily on golf courses or in green houses.

*Extreme cold can cause semi-pneumatic and foam filled wheels to harden. This can create a flat spot which will make the wheel difficult to roll.

Weather Proof

2.00003.441 4-30SS-213GF-2

Thermoplastic (TPR)  wheels and casters are adapted for handling the elements. The soft tread rolls easily over decks and patios. The plastic core and delrin (plastic) bearing help reduce the process of rusting.

Smooth Ride

CCAPEX-525SS-S 525-S

Caster Connection’s CC Apex wheels and casters are perfect for outdoor endeavors. The aluminum core won’t rust and the sealed precision ball bearing provides a smooth ride so all of your grilled goodies will be safe! Dust caps are available to help keep the sand and dirt out as well.


  • Sealed precision ball bearing
  • Dust cap
  • Aluminum core
  • Shock absorbing polyurethane
Grill Holy Smokes! This grill needs better casters!

Work Horse

4.04109.929 4.04109.929SS 4-30SS-95-2

Economical but dependable, hi-tech polyurethane casters and wheels are great for trash cans, recycle and compost bins. They're durable and roll well over blacktop and concrete. Just remember to add that delrin or stainless steel bearing to help avoid rust!


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