Best and Worst Casters For Hardwood Floors

Best and Worst Casters For Hardwood Floors

April 4, 2017  |  Product Information, Casters

Hardwood flooring has a range of benefits over other types of flooring. Different types of hardwood floor finishes affect your family’s healthatmosphere, aesthetics, and the value of one’s home. Anyone with environmental allergies can appreciate hardwood’s hypoallergenic benefits compared to carpet. Wood floors require low maintenance and are far easier to clean than carpet. Additionally, the durability and timeless appeal of wood floors will not feel outdated in a few years. Needless to say, hardwood floors are a huge investment worth protecting. This post lists the best and worst casters for hardwood floors.

Casters For Hardwood Floors

According to the American Hardwood Information Center, the top five hardwoods ranked from hardest to softest are:

  1. Hickory
  2. Hard Maple
  3. White Oak
  4. Beech
  5. Red Oak

Type of Caster Wheels To Avoid For Hardwood Floors

Hickory hardwood floors may be hard enough to resist dimples from high heels or pets’ nails, however, we will never recommend any metal wheels to be in contact with hardwood floors. When rolled, metal caster wheels such as cast iron, forged steel, and ductile steel caster wheels will carve into wooden floors and degrade them.

Type of Caster Wheels Ideal For Hardwood Floors

Some polyurethane on aluminum and thermoplastic rubber wheels are ideal for hardwood floors due to their cushioned wheel tread. The CC Apex is our most popular option for hardwood floors and can be used in industrial, medical, and residential environments. The CC Apex’s tread is made up of a proprietary polyurethane blend that is chemically bonded to the aluminum core of the wheel to prevent tread separation. Thermoplastic rubber (TPR) wheels feature a shock-absorbing cushioned ride while providing excellent floor protection and quiet rolling operation. The next time you're in need of a caster wheel compatible with hardwood floors, consider softer-tread wheels like the CC Apex or TPR.

If you happen to be a fan of our CC Vintage line, and want to make it work with hardwood floors, we recommend any of our CCVintage-PW options. The CC Vintage-PW line offers a great vintage look, with floor-protecting polyurethane trade! You can read more about it here.