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The Best Vintage Casters For Industrial Furniture

The best vintage casters for industrial furniture are detailed in this post. In our previous blog entry, The History of Our Vintage Caster Line, we described how Caster Connection’s line of vintage casters was developed in order to fill a niche. We created a vintage caster line that could be used for mobility purposes while at the same time adding to a piece's aesthetic.



Caster Connection's flagship vintage caster product, the cast iron CC Vintage caster wheel (pictured above) can be customized by using our create your own vintage caster option. These vintage casters are ideal for industrial furniture because they add intrigue and detail to an easily-forgotten part of furniture: casters.


Our vintage casters with polyurethane on iron wheels were developed soon after the original cast iron vintage caster, allowing for greater mobility and floor protection.

Compare the our Cast Iron vs. Polyurethane Tread Antique Caster Wheel.


The CCVintage-PW (polyurethane on iron vintage) label quickly became a fan favorite, and it's easy to see why. The CCVintage-PW wheel's tread consists of a black polyurethane molded to a cast iron core that doesn't damage flooring.



Soon after the CCVintage-PW casters were released, the second iteration of the rigid vintage caster was designed to have a punched-out fork (shown below) to show off more of the vintage caster wheel’s spokes. The punched-out fork adds an industrialization-era look to any piece its paired with.


Caster Connection’s vintage casters are made to order, making each vintage caster unique. No two vintage casters are identical, and may include intentional imperfections (i.e. nicks, scrapes, rust/corrosion, blemishes) for aesthetic purposes.


For those interested in a vintage caster with a modern vintage look and finish, create your own vintage caster (4" and 5" diameter, or 6" and 8" diameter) with an all-black fork (or any color you prefer) instead of raw steel. Our painting process for our vintage casters coats the fork and allows it to be extremely resistant to scratching, cracks, and scrapes.

If you have used any of our vintage casters for industrial furniture in any of your DIY (or other projects, we’d love to check it out! Please send your project photos to [email protected], for a chance to be featured in an upcoming blog/newsletter.


Photo by Todd Halfmann

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