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Our Recommendation: Top 3 Heavy Duty Casters

A Cleveland-based industry research firm, The Freedonia Group, has released a new study that anticipates the World Demand for Material Handling Equipment to Reach $176 Billion. Compared to developing nations, developed countries such as Japan, the United States, and Western Europe are expected to grow at a steady pace. As noted in the study, a couple of factors that will influence replacement product demand are the overall economic environment and adoption of efficient and productive technologically advanced material handling equipment.

The top 3 heavy duty casters that are engineered to satisfy growing material handling demands and logistic efficiencies are

The CC Apex was born out of the automotive environment to lower push/pull efforts while accommodating high load capacities, debris rejection and grip management during rapid movement. The versatility of the CC Apex has allowed it to become a cross-functional product that can outperform existing products within aerospace, medical, metal fabrication, and other environments.

Machine shops or heavy manufacturing environments that require a stronger option to carry heavier weight loads can look to the CC Stout as a worthy alternative. Sharing the mobility and ergonomics of the industry-changing CC Apex, the CC Stout has a slightly-crowned flat-tread design providing a smaller footprint compared to a completely flat-tread.

Hand-pushed applications that need a caster solution that offers impact absorption and sheer strength components may find the CC Nylex as their best bet. The CC Nylex is made of nylon injection molded material and pivots easily with its slightly-crowned flat-tread design. The CC Nylex is meant to perform excellently in a clean environment - not to be used in a messy environment where debris and metal shavings exist, nor is it ideal for towline applications.

If you believe the CC Apex, CC Stout, or CC Nylex meets your needs, please shop our caster selection (by using the Wheel Brand filter) or contact us for more information.