CC Stout

Using a slightly-crowned flat-tread design, the CC Stout series of wheels offers the same excellent mobility and ergonomics as the industry-changing CC Apex wheel, while capably carrying much heavier weight loads due its tread shape. This makes the CC Stout series an excellent option for use in industrial environments such as heavy manufacturing, automotive manufacturing, machine shops, metal fabrication and more!

CC Stout wheels are available with a strong, painted iron core for applications that require movement of heavy weight loads.

The CC Stout line of series offers 3 different options: the original CC Stout, the CC Stout HD, and the CC Stout AL.

  • The CC Stout HD series features a thicker polyurethane tread and a thicker iron core - for the most demanding industrial applications.
  • The CC Stout AL series utilizes a light-weight heat-dissipating aluminum core for faster-moving applications.

I'll take a stout...CC Stout.

Want a stout that's incredibly smooth, orange...ergonomic, heavy duty, and has 0% alcohol?

Then the CC Stout caster wheel is right for you!

Great for automotive and other heavy manufacturing environments, we recommend pairing the CC Stout with a CC Peak maintenance-free caster rig.

The benefits of the CC Stout include:

  • High weight capacity - optional tread widths and core materials
  • Optional iron core for heavier weight loads - painted to protect structural integrity
  • Low push/pull force required for initial movement
  • Ergonomic and easily maneuverable
  • Debris dispelling capability