CC Nylex

The heavy duty nylon CC Nylex wheel is a superb ergonomic choice for carrying very heavy weight loads. Providing impact absorption and sheer strength components without breakdown, the CC Nylex has an outstanding ability to roll with ease. Its slight crown and hard tread design grant users boundless mobility and performs almost exclusively maintenance-free.

The CC Nylex is ideal for environments where heavy carts are being manually pushed over clean, debris-free flooring. Need a caster wheel that dramatically reduces ergonomic push/pull force in your industrial environment? CC Nylex might be right for you.

The benefits of the CC Nylex include:

  • Ability to handle heavy weight loads without breakdown
  • Impressive impact absorption
  • Low push/pull force required for movement
  • Smooth maneuverability with little to no interruption
  • Resistance to organic diluters, including most cleaning & chemical solutions

Durometer: 74 Shore D (+/-5)
Temperature Range: -40