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How Are CC Vintage Casters Different From All Other Casters?

When you hear the word “vintage caster,” you might immediately think of an old wheel that nicely compliments a particular style of furniture.

The focus would be on the aesthetics of this caster since vintage implies “old,” and old means “not innovative” or “brand new.”

So, when you look for a wheel for your project, be it a family heirloom, a heavy piece of furniture, or a critical floorset, you might already have set yourself up to sacrifice performance in the name of aesthetics.

Most caster manufacturers know this, so don’t be surprised when the caster doesn’t last as long as you’d like.

However, we wouldn’t be writing this article if we didn’t know about at least one exception to this rule. We’re talking about CC Vintage casters.


Before we talk about the performance qualities of the CC Vintage caster, we have to make sure that we are not undervaluing great aesthetics. If a caster looks horrible or it does not have enough features to work with your project, then the likelihood of you using the caster is slim to none.

10-30-15_Caster_Connection_Vintage_9-1024x683AESTHETICS AND PERFORMANCE

After great aesthetics, you need to feel confident in the performance of your casters.

For over 33 years, we have specialized in industrial casters, casters that support many thousands of pounds and in the harshest manufacturing environments. In these environments, performance is all that matters.

Industrial casters have to protect the health of the people using them in a variety of ways, and they will move heavy weight easily for up to 4 years of daily abuse in some cases.

Some inferior commodity casters will only last a few weeks in this environment.

The point is that we have a mindset that is first and foremost thinking about the performance of casters.


How have we approached performance with our CC Vintage line? First, we offer two wheel materials, cast iron and polyurethane.

Cast iron is primarily for aesthetics, so when you need performance in a tread, you’ll most likely go with polyurethane.

Polyurethane protects valuable flooring by not scraping or marking it. Both options are extremely durable.



Next, we provide two basic mobility options: rigid and swivel. This in itself isn’t too revolutionary, but we know through lots of experience that different combinations of rigid and swivel casters make a huge difference in how well you can maneuver or stabilize your project.



Whenever you create a project that will require casters, you have to keep in mind how you will be attaching these casters. We have given you 4 main ways to do this.

First, we offer a plate mount. A plate mount caster is exactly like our industrial casters and is the strongest, most reliable way to connect casters to your project. If you have the room, go with a plate mount caster.

Get an overview on mounting types here.

If you don’t go with a plate mount you still have options, depending on your application.

If you have a wood project, you will go with a threaded stem. This will allow you to screw the caster into the project.

If your project has a metal tube that is at least three inches deep, you can use an expanding adapter.

Finally, you can use a grip ring stem caster if your project has a hole already that is around 3/8”. Chairs and other pieces of furniture often come with a pre-drilled hole for example.

All of these options give you the perfect choice for your unique project.

Understand stem casters here.


For those projects that you want to remain completely immobile, you have the option to use brakes.

This gives you the added security of protecting anything that might be resting on your project. In this way, it should remain fairly safe when someone bumps into your project.

If you happen to be dancing “like nobody’s watching” and you hit into it, we make no promises.



With our industrial casters, we make sure that they are built to last. These casters literally transport millions of dollars of equipment, so we never skimp on quality.

Our CC Vintage casters are the most well-built vintage casters on the market.

In fact, for some of our vintage rigs, they are literally the exact same rigs that we sell to our manufacturing clients, and this is particularly the case in the larger sizes of CC Vintage casters that we offer.

We know that you prefer the security of having high-quality casters on your project or that of an important client.

CC Vintage


Finally, we know how important size is for our clients, both in heavy-duty manufacturing and in less rigorous environments.

You can choose the perfect size ranging from 3” to 8” in diameter.

Changing the wheel diameter alters performance itself. For example, a larger wheel moves easier than a smaller diameter.

Really, you more than likely will select your caster based off of the size of your project, but keep performance and wheel diameter in mind.

Choose your unique diameter by clicking on each individual number below:

3″ 4″ 5″ 6″ 8″



There are quite a few vintage-looking casters on the market, and we have made sure to offer a variety of aesthetic options. In fact, our casters are so authentic-looking that they have been used in Hollywood movies. The aesthetics are as good as any on the market.

What really separates us from any other vintage caster on the planet is our 32-plus-year history with performance.

We understand performance and durability like no other vintage caster manufacturer. Performance and durability have never been an afterthought.

This means that you can support heavy weight with no problems, preserve your valuable flooring, choose the right size and mounting options, stabilize your project with brakes, and have a caster that will last as long as, or longer than, your project.

Because we’ve been in business so long, we also have a support team that understands your challenges and will help you along the way.

In short, you can have the confidence to purchase CC Vintage casters and know that you don’t have to worry about aesthetics, durability, or performance. With CC Vintage casters, you don’t have to settle, so, why limit yourself?

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